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Sonakshi Sharma


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Hey, Let's start with a question- "Why are you here?" Well, the reason can be anything - small or big. Maybe you're being proactive or reactive (I hope not) in taking this step. But I'm glad that you've decided to take control in your hands and are looking to get fitter and healthier. Don't you worry, we shall only improve from here. And, to help you kickstart your fitness journey or enhance the existing one, I, Sonakshi - your Fittr Coach will walk with you on the same path. A little bit about me- I have always been into Fitness and Sports, but then an IT job happened and fitness took a backseat. Ghar ka khaana was replaced by KFC, Dominos and walks were replaced by long hours of doing nothing. The result! I had a severe Arthritis attack back in 2014, when I had to prepare myself for 5 mins before setting my foot down from the bed. The girl who ran hurdles and played football in school had reached such a point! So, just like you, this girl decided to take things in her hands. And, I was able to transform myself - 9 kgs and quite a few inches down, I was back to my fit self through the knowledge I gained. I also came under the Top 200 contestants in TC10 which was again a big reward for me. Having completed the Foundation and Expert level courses from INFS, I am all set to impart this precious knowledge to everyone. And, today, I want to be your guiding hand to help you transform while educating you about the basics and busting prevalent myths. With this basic skill, you would be able to make Fitness a lifestyle. Because, that's what it should be- a lifestyle that is also sustainable. Come with me if you are ready to- - Lose/gain in a healthy way - Keep the lost weight away - Make the process sustainable - Have a Coach with whom you can share anything and everything - Learn the basics of Nutrition/Exercise (guilty of getting into the depth of things always!) - Bust myths with me - MAKE THE CHANGE TO FEEL THE CHANGE! So, make this day the day when you decided to emerge stronger than your inhibitions and excuses. Let's endeavour on this fitness journey together and emerge stronger and fitter on the other side. Good at: Creating plans around hectic job routines and regular routines, listening to problems, explaning the How & Why of things, regular check-ins, motivating in tough times. P.S. Please procure a Kitchen Scale once you decide to enroll. Instagram : Show more


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INFS Foundation and Expert Certification