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Strength and Conditioning
16 Mar 2023

I have been training under Sri. SIVANESAN SIVALOGAN since August 2021 and my  fitness journey under him  has been a class apart and one has to experience personally to feel it. Such an unassuming person. He has got ready answers for all  my fitness related issues. I am  a 73 year old man  and insulin dependent  diabetic  . I do have BP. I lost weight drastically and came down to 56 Kg My  diabetologist   advised ,besides medication to do weight lifting exercises  under proper guidance. Fortunately I found a trainer in Sri. Sivanesan and there is no looking back . My doctor is very happy with my improvement and congratulated  the trainer. Of course my active involvement also plays  a part . I should  credit my trainer for the way he guides and encourages me  during and  after the session . He is easily accessible. When I stated training under  Sri Sivanesan  through fittr I was a bit apprehensive to see his designation as basic couch . But in a couple of days of training under him I realized that my apprehension was baseless and his designation    given by Fttr  has no meaning as for as I am concerned .   Overall he is a dependable and dedicated trainer with a vast experience. He totally involves himself to get the desired goals of all his individual trainees. He tailors the training sessions based on individual requirements.  My elder daughter who is a fitness freak, is  so inspired  that she wants to  restart her training under Sivanesan sir

Kavita Sivakumar
15 Mar 2023

Consistency is the key to success is what I have learnt from Sivanesan sir. His years of experience, dedication, commitment and discipline inspires me, motivates me and makes me want to show up for our training sessions everyday! He has proven to the world that age is just a number, and that has inspired my 73 year old father to train under Sivanesan sir as well. Though we train virtually, sir's attention to the details is fantastic, he always ensures my form is correct and he figures out when I am uncomfortable just based on my movements. I have come across several personal trainers throughout my fitness journey so far, and by far Sivanesan sir is the most patient and understanding coach. He has been extremely accommodative by suggesting different ways of doing particular workouts considering a few injuries I have had in the past. I am glad I chose Sivanesan sir as my coach. For me, it is a long way forward in my fitness journey, but training with Sivanesan sir has helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am confident I will get stronger,fitter and better by the day. Thank you sir for being the amazing coach you are :)

Tushar Handa
25 Feb 2023

I am so lucky that I found Siva sir for PT sessions. He is the fittest person I have met for his age and loves to push his limits. He is an experienced trainer and has spent decades training people. He is super humble, disciplined and accommodating. He really cares about you and I have seen changes in my fitness level and I hope to continue my fitness journey with him for as long as possible. Thank You Sir 🙏 You da best!

Rohit Joshi
06 Oct 2021

I've been trying to get back to fitness training for over 8-10 years but wasn't able to be regular and eventually leave it altogether within a week. It has been over 3 weeks that I started my strength training under Sivanesan's guidance. I already see a difference in myself, I'm more energetic all day & better focused at work. Sivanesan's been a great partner to help me restart my fitness journey, He's been an awesome coach, always motivating and pushing me to make sure l achieve my goals. Now I look forward to the sessions everyday and enjoy them. thanks Sivanesan for everything.