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Simran Arora


About Me

"Hello there! I am your fittr coach Simran, a certified Nutrition and Fitness Consultant from Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS). I specialize in fat-loss, strength and muscle building, transformations and general well being. My fitness journey from “I just want to loose that tummy fat for my brother’s wedding” to “getting stronger and stronger everyday” has been so rewarding and fulfilling. I am both physically and mentally stronger and a much more confident person now. To me fitness is not a short term goal, it's a lifestyle and an ongoing journey where the definition of diet should NOT be “restrictive and boring”, rather it should be “having normal ghar ka khaana and being able to enjoy that” and the workout should be the one which you enjoy the most!! Trust me anyone can transform into a healthy individual with scientific and quantitative approach coupled with consistency. I focus on understanding my client's lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and previous experience to create customized nutrition and exercise plan which will help them achieve their goals and it becomes an enjoyable and sustainable part of their life. So let’s get going and start the journey together towards your healthier tomorrow! :) "... Show more



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