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Asish kumar Gupta
17 Dec 2022

A coach realises ur true potential and keep leading you towards ur goal. Sid Sir is one such gem of a coach. Highly recommended for contest preparation athletes. Sir's perspective will change your view of looking at fitness. Constant check ups and feedback, ways there when required and holding your hand when you absolutely need support. An epitome of simplicity and humblesness. Guruji, indebted to you for the impact that you have on me.🙏🙏 A champion coach and a great mentor.

Siddhesh Mayekar
17 Dec 2022

Grateful to our coach and mentor Sid. He's been amazing from answering any queries and concerns. Having a lifting experience of 14 years without quantified nutrition to 11 months of quantified nutrition, from getting into the best shape of my life to getting on the ICN stage, Sid has always been there guide and prep for the contest. Sid has always been patient and just a ping away where you would always get a prompt response. He would always be pushing you to the limits to achieve your goal. A champion coach and mentor!

Neha Pujara
16 Dec 2022

Is there any adjective of this kind Stupendofantabulouslyfantasticcoach? Then he is it!! Sid's input to my journey was a game-changer for this transformation. Undoubtedly Sidhhartha is an Efficiently Effective Coach owing to the vision and an insight he has for his mentees and the action plan that he lays for each one of them! He is extra ordinarily an awesome coach because he never lets your anxiety or nervousness or any kind of negation overpower you in routine or on D-Day! He not only trained me on physical aspect but also mental and psychological as well and that's where most of us surrender! He is all that a great coach has - cool, hard-core, organized, visionary, supportive, confident, ever available to connect and what not... this is an endless list! He doesn't enforce changes! He gave me the confidence to push my limits and aim for more by accessing the qualities that I already had in me! Certainly we are gonna continue developing my skills and refining my approach to better on much bigger goals and vision as He made me #hungryformore a part of #hardcoreliving #consistent #passionate I know I can keep on jotting down endlessly but yes this is just a trailer to what he actually is! ❤️🙌💪✌️

Prashant Thakur
12 Dec 2022

The discipline, the momentum, that trust and love in the process we have created as a team is beyond any comparison with just numbers e.g kgs lost etc. Everyone on their life’s journey.. every now and then come across someone who becomes their pillar, friend, mentor and Sid is that person for me, who has really helped me stay focused and true to what we can be. ❤️❤️ Word are not enough to express and share. To simply put it out there - Come join, get involved, experience it,have faith in the process, on Sid, needless to say have faith on yourself…. and you can Thank me later 🤘🏻🙂🤗