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Ek Yogini
17 Apr 2023

Siddharth is a wonderful coach. He gives a lot of importance to mindset change so as to equip you for the rest of your life with a fit lifestyle. I am loving my fitness journey with him and see so many positive changes in me. Siddharth always encourages you to be the best version of yourself and not to settle for a mediocre physique. So if you want to get into the best shape of your life, definitely choose him, he will change your mind and transform your body.

15 Mar 2023

I highly recommend Siddharth to anyone looking to lose weight and get in shape. His dedication and motivation throughout my fitness journey were truly exceptional. He went above and beyond to create personalized workout plans and diet regimes that were tailored to my needs and goals. His enthusiasm and positive attitude kept me motivated and inspired me to push past my limits. With his guidance, I was able to follow the plan and still in the journey . I cannot thank him enough for his unwavering support and commitment to helping me to guide towards my fitness goals.

13 Dec 2022

My journey with Siddhartha started 6 months back. He is wonderful coach. I have Hypo Thyroid and PCOD as well and I was always thinking it's very difficult for me to loos weight. But this program and association with Siddhartha has changed my midset..very first thing which I learnt is that eating less is not solution eating right is very important. I was eating less earlier but not losing weight and this Transformation journey I literally ate more..but still reduced weight inspite of all health problems..there are many more learning which I had in this program..consistency is very important even if it's happening less, progress is slow keep trying that's what Siddhartha taught and have shown result.. Thankyou for all your support..🙏will love to join you back after some time👍

Sherin Varghese
25 Aug 2022

My journey with siddarth started 3 months back ,when i felt i was having a very restrictive life style .Though i was quite ok following Calorie Deficit Lifestyle,i never felt ok . My relationship with food was bad .I couldnt eat a meal without feeling worried . There was no place for biscuits ,cakes or for that matter sugar in my life . After 3 months i could say that Siddarth changed my whole approach towars food .It feels like i have unlearned all that i have learned in the past years and now i am living a life of freedom . Couple of weeks back i was back home in India and i didnt even have to track my meals rather i could hear at the back of my mind what he used to share wth me and would eat meals with family and friends enjoying each morsel . I knew what i should be eating and the relationship with food changed drastically. Thankyou Siddarth ,and i would suggest him to anyone who needs to have a healthy lifestyle having food they love to eat and getting inspired every time he shares his wisdom wth you . All this is done while he keeps in his mind the goal weight that you want to achieve. I love the meal plans he have done for me ,there is enough and more food ,it satisfies all my cravings and i never felt hungry through out the day . Siddarth is really patient and he listens to all your concerns , there were times when my goals were wrong. He would correct me gently by sharing with me his approach towards workout and lifestyle . God bless you Siddarth 🙏 and may u be able to inspire and guide more and more people .