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17 Sep 2023

Siddharth has been very motivating and positive with me. He is an intelligent coach who knows how to deal with issues with his customers. I have been associated with him for 1 year and will continue it till i reach my goal. He aims to bring out the best in you even on your lowest days, Having a great time with fitness journey!!

26 Aug 2023

As rightly said you are what you eat, that’s what exactly I learnt on my journey with Siddharth Thakur. The journey has been commendable so far, and gradually have achieved the said targets. He has been a great mentor where have seen positive changes not only in body but also with mindset. My goal initially was to loose weight, but it moved to lifestyle changes now. This is all down to Siddharth and his vast knowledge of fitness and dietary needs Every individual have different goal or requirement, I believe sid has the ability to understood one need and been flexible in accommodating the same. Looking forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Yash Bhatia
18 Aug 2023

I embarked on a body transformation journey with Coach Siddharth Thakur, and I can confidently say that it has been a life-changing experience. From the very start, Coach Siddharth's expertise and dedication were evident. He took the time to understand my goals, challenges, and preferences, creating a personalized plan that was both effective and sustainable. His deep knowledge of fitness and nutrition is truly remarkable, and he consistently provided guidance that was tailored to my needs. What sets Coach Siddharth apart is his unwavering support and motivation. There were days when I felt demotivated, but his words of encouragement and his belief in my potential kept me going. He pushed me to surpass my limits, and the results were astonishing. Coach Siddharth's approach is holistic – he emphasizes the importance of not just physical changes, but also mental and emotional well-being. His coaching extended beyond just workouts and meal plans; he provided valuable insights on mindset, consistency, and self-care. If you're looking for a coach who will guide you through a transformational journey, I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Siddharth Thakur. His passion, knowledge, and unwavering support make all the difference. Thank you, Coach Siddharth, for helping me become the best version of myself!

Rishabh BHATIA
20 Jul 2023

This is my first time trained by a professional and the experience so far has been really good. Siddharth listens to your problems and gives multiple solutions to fix it. The response time is excellent and I can see a definite improvement in a short span of time.