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28 Mar 2023

A great coach is supportive, observant and goal-oriented. And coach Siddharth has these characteristics which helped me lose almost 5 kgs weight in 3 months. The unbelievable part is, prior to Siddharth, I have enrolled for 9 months under an advanced coach, but barely lost any pounds (not disgracing him).. Siddharth asks the effective granular questions and gives constructive advice for my mistakes. Follow him 70-80 % with trust, and you are there, without punishing yourself.

25 Mar 2023

Writing this to express my gratitude for the amazing work you have done and still doing as my fitness coach. When I first started working with you I was struggling to find motivation and direction I needed to improve my fitness. But with your support and encouragement , I have been able to reach milestones I had set for myself and which truly felt unachievable at one point of time. I have seen incredible results in just few short months. You took time to listen to me and created a tailored plan as per my needs. Your knowledge of fitness and nutrition is top-notch. The way you were able to explain everything in a way that was easy for me to understand was incredible. Not only did you push me to work harder, but were incredibly supportive and encouraging in every step of the way. Keep up the good work and keep transforming people’s lives the way you have been doing.

24 Mar 2023

Siddharth has been guiding me for 2 years now. I am extremely delighted with the way he has supported me. His deep knowledge, calm demeanour, willing availability and being genuinely invested in my well being have been the bedrocks of our connect. Through these years, I’ve had my highs and lows. He has been by my side through them all, like a rock solid friend and voice of sanity. Never letting me get too soft or harsh with myself, he has helped me take an intelligent and balanced view of my healthier lifestyle journey. His analogies, inspirational insights and our conversations stay with me and have helped me bounce back strongly. The fact that I have signed up with him for the next 2 years straight is a strong testament to my conviction that he is the best in what he does and how he does it. Can’t thank him enough for being the North Star in my journey of good health and sensible/ mature perspectives on living life to the fullest while being cognisant of doing the balancing act! God bless him for being and doing what he does - with all his heart and commitment!!

Bhumi Shah
24 Mar 2023

I didn't have a good experience. The diet plan was good. But he seemed to be always busy and not willing to call when I had a question related to workout plan. I am a working mom, and I have never bothered him with message or call unless I needed help. I also felt he was rude in his messages.