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Hi, I am Siddharth Lall. Certified in the field of Nutrition and Exercise science. Reach me @9637838926 on calls & whatsapp. I specialise in fat loss, strength gains and physical conditioning I have also worked several cases in lifestyle related conditions such as Thyroid, PCOS,Diabetes and others. But isn't this common amongst many other FITTR coaches ? We all are good at our knowledge and we are working on a common mission which is "Fitness for mind and body". Then what is it that set me apart from others ? You must know me as a person if we are going to be working together. I mean How could you chose me as your wingman while taking this flight for being a FITTR & BETTER self . So, I come from a humble beginning of being a skinny underweight adult and I joined FITTR as a member five years back when it a small but strong group of people working together and sharing same vision for fitness & health. That group of people helped me as a guiding stick to the extent of me transforming my weak physical self to a stronger, confident and pleasing one. It was an overwhelming happiness, a spiritual success, accomplishment and I was obliged to what was given to me!! I was obliged to the knowledge and help given which enabled me to make a better version of myself. I asked myself - Could there be any task, any work this rewarding ? Isn't it contentment to be a helping hand, or guiding stick in someone's success journey. That's when I took up an interest and started helping fellow community members. That association stands stronger and deep rooted yet today and I am working as a FITTR coach for the past four years. See , there I was - Just like you!! Daring to do the deed . So, I understand you and I empathise with you because I myself have been in same deep waters. Let me tell you that It is exciting !! It is exciting to do what was never thought. It is exciting to accomplish what seemed impossible It is exciting to be the best version of yourself It is exciting to start a new page of your life It is exciting to stand apart from others. I am gonna share this excitement and make sure you don't lose the spark .You have the potential to light a fire and you just have to see it straight for yourself. Key things about me : - I am open & conversational ( Chatty) - Compassionate listener ( Reach out to me in distress) - Supportive ( Be reasonable and I will stand with you ) - Trusting ( I will put faith in you just as you would put in me ) Your friend & Coach With much love... Show more


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