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Exercise Science Specialist

INFS - Foundation (Level 1)

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Sports Nutrition - International Olympic Committee

Exercise Physiology - The Body In Motion

Sports Psychology - Getting in the Zone

The Measure of Success - International Olympic Committee

Privilege to coach the coaches - 2021

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DrPratik Dhumal
19 Sep 2023

Siddhesh sir is a gem of person ! I am so glad I came across him in my journey of fitness! He is not someone who will give u a diet and say follow ! His coaching means u will get a lot of motivation and lot of teaching lessons…he has bought me at the stage where I never had imagined . His every word and every line uttered by him is gold! Best is when he says to me I want to bring u at ur bestest shape of your life! Love it ! He teaches u to control your cravings and how to make ways where u stick to your diet ! His knowledge about the whole diet and fitness makes ur belief in him even more stronger! Thank you sir so much and looking forward for more good things in life with your support! Super elite coach 😍

Charu sethi
12 Sep 2023

Siddesh Sir is an amazing coach .I used to watch his motivational videos on Instagram and was always very keen to get trained under him...after spending 3months under his guidance I can now say how proud Iam of being his student..he has taught me the importance of being fit and more than that the importance of maintaining what one achieves throughout the fitness journey ...It really amazes me to see this new version of me..His wisdom not only confines to physical transformation but it also helps you become mentally stronger as well...Iam truly grateful to have him as my coach and Iam really excited about my next phase of fitness with him his words RUKNA NAHI HAI 💪💪

Sunil soni
31 Aug 2023

Coach Siddesh Vojhala has been an incredible source of guidance and motivation for the past three months. His coaching style is both insightful and supportive, pushing me to set higher goals while providing the tools and strategies to achieve them. I've seen remarkable progress in my personal development journey under his guidance. Thank you, Coach Siddesh!

Sita Tiruvuri
24 Aug 2023

I had been with FITTR for quiet sometime now and lost good amount of weight but realised I’ve been going on 1100cals for long time and was scared to eat more than that. Siddesh sir explained to me how important it is to eat the required macros and still can lose weight and improve strength. I’m really enjoying this new phase of my fitness journey. He really knows his subject so well and his insta videos are so motivational. Sometimes I feel is he actually spying on me and making those videos bcoz I can so much correlate the day to day fitness and diet issues I’m facing to the videos and topics he talk about. I’m really glad I chose to follow him as my fitness mentor. Thank you Siddhesh Sir!!