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Hi, I'm Siddesh. I am certified by the INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION AND FITNESS SCIENCES (INFS) in Nutrition and Exercise Science. I specialise in Fat-loss, Body recomposition, General well being and Over-all transformation. I have transformed more than 1000 lives (Online + Offline consultation, Hyderabad and Mumbai) struggling with weight issues. As a young adult, I weighed more than 135kgs. Due to my overweight condition, I faced a lot of embarrassments and rejections. I was highly misguided. There were a lot of roadblocks. I even tore my ACL. I didn't had a proper way to lose fats due to which, the vision was all blurry. I transformed myself by losing 52kgs, hence I know, how it is done in a sustainable manner. You can see my transformation pictures below. I'll be creating your customised Nutrition plans with your current body statistics and an Exercise plan according to the number of years of experience you have, to make you reach your goal. Fitness to me, is not a quick fix. This is the only therapy that made me reborn. I've improved majorly on these 3 parameters : Workout | Nutrition | Sleep. These three are most important for longevity. If you are somebody who is stuck between 9-5 race, night shifts, a working women with a baby to look after, couple who wishes to lose fats, model/actor or a family who is willing to change for the greater good, I'll be there for you. No matter where you are based, we will be working as a team. Before you sign-up for my coaching, we can also discuss about your lifestyle and how we can smash the targets, together as a team. (Email : I will get back to you within 24 hours. If you are serious and disciplined about smashing your goals, we can achieve it together. How? Because there is nothing, a human will couldn't achieve. Destroy your limits. Bas, RUKNA NAHI HAI. Be unstoppable. Languages known : English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi and Gujarati. NOTE : Before enrolling for the coaching, please get a kitchen weighing scale and a body weighing scale, so that we can start ASAP! Coaching slots will open on 21st April, 12:01AM.... Show more


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