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FITTR kids
Pre & Post Natal Training
Chaitanya Nandigam
12 Sep 2023

I have enjoyed working out with Shweta for the last two months. She is very knowledgeable and always corrects my form as needed. She is determined towards my improvement and guides through all workouts. It has been a great way to start my day and I look forward to learning more!

Vijaykumar Mambetta
31 Aug 2023

Hi Everyone, this is Vijay - I have joined for yoga sessions with Shweta just before 2 months and I m feeling very relaxed , joints movement , flexibility are improving day by day . She is a great coach , understands the issues very well .

Vani Doraisamy
31 Jul 2023

Shweta is an amazing coach and in the short time that I've trained with her, my body feels so much more flexible and supple. She is totally committed to my training and goes above and beyond to help me improve, every single day. With Shweta, you do not need separate strength training sessions, because she blends it into her coaching. She also really cares for me, as a student. More importantly, she is punctual and is never in a hurry to wrap up a class. It has been a wonderful journey with her so far and I look forward to many more weeks with her. If you are looking for a yoga coach who makes you intensely realize the mind-body connection, then Shweta is your answer.

Ankita Balachandran
27 Mar 2023

It's been almost 2 months since I started my fitness training with Shweta. Shweta is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very dedicated trainer. She is committed, sincere and she makes sure that those 50 mins workouts are utilised on optimal basis. She gives me an extra push and motivation to do my workout with focus. We do different kinds of workout like power yoga, cardio, strength conditioning. She gives me an in-depth knowledge about each and every workout or yoga posture along with its benefits. My flexibility has improved beyond my expectations.. you are a ROCKSTAR SHWETA..