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FITTR kids
Pre & Post Natal Training
Snehasri Nag
13 Apr 2024

Ma'am has been a very kind and understanding coach to me. She has been extremely flexible with my needs and has consistently shown up to help me progress in the path of yoga. She consistently motivates me and has been an incredible yoga teacher for me. She tailored the class according to my physical needs and I have been ramping and learning more about yoga every single day. Yoga has played an immense role in restoring peace and content in my life and ma'am has made the yoga class even more enjoyable. It's always a fun class with her and learning new poses has been pretty exciting for me. She pushes me and believes in me and I always look forward to my yoga class with her.

22 Feb 2024

Shweta has been an incredible coach for me through the last two and a half months that I've been training with her. I went to her specifically to ensure I had the right coach guide me through my pregnancy planning journey. So Shweta ensured every single one of our exercises concentrated on yoga practices aimed at healthy uterus and pre-natal hormones. She ensures my Pranayam were done every single day and that they were done right. I had come to her with sudden irregular periods, that came in earlier than expected, and within a single month, my cycles were back to normal with all the exercises she had me do. She's extremely knowledgeable and patient. The fact that I have daily classes with her makes me feel like I'm going to be accountable for my workouts. She reinforces the faith in my body and to trust it's process in my pregnancy planning journey. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you, Shweta

Ninad Pimparkar
31 Oct 2023

Very good yoga coach, very knowledgeable & pushes me to new level almost every class. Just within 1st month I am able to bend where I didnt know I could bend. Mental peace & quiteness is welcome secondary effect I am experiencing. Thanks a bunch to Shweta Gautam for my quick progress.

31 Oct 2023

My experience with Shweta has been fantastic! I've been attending her morning sessions for over 2 months and her diverse morning yoga sessions helped me regain my fitness motivation after a long break. We cover various exercises like Stretching, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, and Meditation, which kick off my day on the right note. She's attentive to my concerns with poses and always offers suitable alternatives.