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Omkar Sunil Phuge
14 Sep 2023

Shobith! Working with him for more than a year now and what and amazing journey it has been. He made me realise how important quantified nutrition is. A patient and an active listener. Extremely knowledgeable at what he does. He made sure that I have every understanding of my diet and workout plan. I never really thought I would progress the way I did. Helped me gain strength and recover my knee Injury. Due to my busy training schedule as a professional dancer I wouldn't get much time for the gym but he made sure I have other home or only weights workout plans so I don't miss out on my workout. Always motivating me to take care of the body. I have learned the importance food and all thanks to Shobith. Thank you for sharing the right tools. To the best coach I could ever ask for!

09 Sep 2023

I always had a hard time finding the right fitness routine. I tried many things, but I never made any progress. That all changed when I enrolled under shobith. He was patient and understanding, and he took the time to understand my goals and needs. He created a personalized fitness plan for me that was challenging but achievable. Shobith also taught me about the importance of diet and nutrition. He helped me to make healthy choices that would support my fitness goals. With shobith guidance, I was able to lose fat and gain muscle in a systematic way. I am so grateful for his support and expertise. I am now more confident and healthier than ever before.😊

Sudiksha Soni
08 Jul 2023

This is going to be a long testimonial, please read till the end. Shobith is an amazing coach, he listens to every single concern very patiently. He is always ready to explain about every step he is taking for your journey. That shows his dedication to his work. πŸ‘ The 'before version' of me had the same mindset as many of you will have, that is to eat in every situation. It's easier to feed our feelings with food then to actually face and resolve them. So the very first step shobith took for me was to make me aware of stress eating/ binge eating. He made my diet plan in such a way that suited my daily eating habits, so that I don't have any room for snacking. There were times when I ate out of my plan and way too much caloriesπŸ₯², but he patiently handled those situations, motivating me by giving options that will suit both my plan and needs. There is a healthy alternative for almost every food item !! Considering the fact that he is a coach who gets paid for what he is doing, he didn't just give me a diet and workout plan and left me with it to immediately start bringing results. He made sure that I understood the logic & importance behind every single thing I ate and did.πŸ… He even gave me little tasks and quizzes to make me learn about calorie intake and management. I mean who does that!! ⭐ Now coming to a big concern that is the "investment". Please don't think of investing in a coach as a waste of money because you will thank yourself later. Everybody needs a coach for support, accountability and a lot more. Stop thinking too much and just take that step towards the betterment of your health. Thanks a lot shobhit πŸ…πŸ‘

Vivek Iyer
01 Jul 2023

I have been training with Shobhit for 2+ yrs and have finished 2 cuts & 1 long lean bulk and currently on the second bulk. It's not just the fat loss + muscle gain that I am thankful most for - of course thats awesome. But the overall change in my outlook to good health - eat right, be active, lift weights, get good rest / sleep and be consistent. It is simple but not easy and that's where a coach can help. And Shobhit has been perfect. Proper nutrition & workouts isn't a one off, it's a lifelong pursuit. It isn't a one size fits all either - You need to find the sweet spot for what is easier for you + is effective. Shobhit will help you with that. Shobhit: - will listen to you and will tailor nutrition / workout to your requirements. I have psoriatic arthritis - my joints are weak. Shobhit helped modify the workouts to adjust for that. - is very patient with your questions. - always explain the 'why' - is just around the corner if your motivation dips once in a while. If you are delaying / procrastinating on improving your health, don't! Sign up now - you will not regret it.