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Minal Singh
17 Aug 2023

Shivani has been extremely supportive through my journey. I started at a point where I was not able to manage diet nor do the workouts. It was an intense phase of depression and demotivation. I used to fail everyday. Shivani came in as a right kind of mentor. She is matured and patient. She never pushed me or judged me but waited patiently for me to start. In last few months, though the weight loss is not massive but I have gained confidence, discipline, Strength and above all positive mindset to achieve. All thanks to my Coach for being flexible and kind. She has proven my thinking wrong that a good coach has to be aggressive. From 700 calories where I was gaining weight to 1800 calorie diet plan and loosing weight, Shivani has helped me come long way. Thanks you so much!

Dimple Garapati
14 Aug 2023

I think it was not a right decision for me to join fittr. I got really influenced by the comments from people and took one year plan. from that day till today I have the same diet plan, the portion is just reducing. The reason to join this was to get the motivation, which is missing here,it's just one common forward message which the coach shares with us. I think instead of bringing offers and attracting people to join the focus should be on motivation. I wish I could claim my money back, but I have dropped this in between, because I don't feel value, I don't feel motivated, it would have been good earlier but with the increasing offers and so many clients with one coach, I think it has lost the value. Nothing against the coach, but I think people like me need motivation, change in plan, some talks which should be initiated from the coach, just a watsapp message, that too like a formality is not expected ou of the premium coach. it could be a miss from my side too but if this kind of treatment didn't help me to stay motivated

13 Aug 2023

I started training under Shivani towards the end of May 2023 primarily focusing on weight loss and overall lifestyle improvement. 12 weeks into the program under her guidance, I’ve lost 10 kgs and feel healthier than ever! Shivani is always available to help and respond to any adhoc queries I have, apart from our regular weekly catch-ups. The best part for me has been her focus on a slow and steady progress, without a drastic change in terms of both nutrition and workouts. We still have a long road ahead of us and I feel confident under Shivani’s guidance, I’ll surely be able to achieve my goal.

04 Jul 2023

Hi All, I am Chaitali and I had started my weight loss journey on 16th feb 2023 and the effect has been exceptionally powerful. My energy levels drastically improved and I was feeling energetic. When I started with Shivani, I had my doubts about my diet plans…whether it would be the same as umpteen other programs I had followed. I was feeling depressed, frustrated with all the weight I had, unable to knock it off even after spending hours in the gym…Feeling tired and so on. But today as I am writing this, I can feel what a good action that had been… My coming to you is the correct thing to do… I feel good… Know what to eat right… I am grateful I found you Shivani. Losing weight was an amazing experience, I am 31 years old but due to my overweight, I used to sleep for 12 hours and never felt waking up in the morning. I felt like a 80 year old woman. After I joined FITTR, I have lost 6 kgs in just 3 months and now I feel more fresh, energetic, and much younger. I enjoyed the diet because it was planned according to my chatpatta likings. Shivani prescribes a customized diet with healthy recipes. The Diet Plan is simple to follow and extremely effective. She makes you eat more and still lose weight. I have lost 6kg (with proportionate inches loss), feel much healthier, energetic, and happy. I thank you shivani for bringing about these positive changes in me. Due to some personal problems I was not able to follow the prescribed minimum exercise..still got superb results ONLY because of the diet plan and therefore makes me value the diet plan even more, Thanks to Shivani eating healthy has become a way of life. Shivani is just a phone call away and is always there to help me through this program. For me it’s not just a diet plan but a way of life. Many thanks to you & God Bless!!