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Strength and Conditioning
shiyam sundar
19 Nov 2022

When I decided to get into fitness in Jul ‘22, I got to know about FITTR through a friend. Reached out to Fittr and then after had a short call with Shivam Thakur. Something clicked and I decided to work with him. It’s been 5 months since he started coaching me. Trust me, Shivam is one of the best coach I have worked with. I reached my all time high of 8 kgs weight gain with solid muscle definition. He exactly knows how to carry forward things. On top of it, he’s flexible, understanding and very supportive. We have set milestones and slowly started to work towards them. He helped me successfully cross my first milestone of 60 to 68 kgs. Now working towards second milestone of 68 to 71 kgs. If you are looking for an overall package of personal training and proper guidance, I would highly recommend you to work with Shivam Thakur!!

Ashish Jhunjhunwala
14 Apr 2022

It’s been over 9 months that I have taken up Personal training through Fittr to improve my fitness levels. The journey has been progressive. Being fit and healthy was always a goal that I pursued either through yoga sessions or offline sessions in past, however consistency and dedication was always a challenge. Covid lock downs even worsen the situation. Mentally and physically, I always took fitness as a second priority to other things in life. It's when my wife recommended Fittr as a great option for online fitness regime, I become very consistent. Shivam, my current PT coach, in last couple of months helped me in my strength build up with a simple yet effective routine. He has been a wonderful PT coach, understanding my body needs, planning work outs for all the muscles, and helping me gain overall muscle strength. Not only physically that I feel strong but mentally also I feel very productive through out the day. With progressive overloading, he makes tough exercises also simpler, keeps away monotony and at the same time; keeps me motivated throughout the session; he gives you right amount of push without letting you break or fall as needed. He is always there to correct my form and postures wherever I am doing wrong and even focusing on my correct breathing along with the exercises.For me, more than weight or inch loss, strength, stamina and internal health at its best matters. My current complete body checkup indicated that I am on the best of path I can and can't thank Shivam enough for same .

Karthik Kadambi
17 Jan 2022

Shivam is an amazingly motivated trainer and coach who has a unique skill set of demonstrating correct form before starting a rep and understands how major muscles need to be worked - which is critical for strength development and reducing likelihood of injuries.  I've been able to greatly increase my strength and confidence in a short period of time through new and challenging exercises and so far has had a positive impact on my fitness life.  I would recommend Shivam to anyone who needs encouragement and guidance on achieving their fitness & health goals for this year.

17 Jan 2022

Have been working out with Shivam for around 2 months and very happy with the outcome . He motivates and pushes one to do their best . He has been incorporating my feedbacks in our sessions and tailored the sessions for my needs.