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Aamera Merchant
22 Jun 2022

Sadly my six months journey with Shivali has come to an end. These have been the most amazing yet challenging...testing yet rewarding months of my life thus far. As everyone on this group I too was suffering from weight issues and after 10 years of trying a wide array of diets I had failed to shed my weight but had managed to ruin my health in the bargain. I'm thankful to have been introduced to our lovely FITTR Coach Shivali Goyal. She not only got me to achieve my weight loss goals but also restored my health in the bargain. All my vital counts have jumped back up and Needless to say my weight has gone down. Thank you very much Shivali for teaching me that diet is not deprivation its just portion management and mindful eating. Its been an absolutely rewarding and enlightening journey with you. I just hope I can maintain this from here on out if not I know where to find you. 🤗 I went from 57kgs to 51.5kgs and my body fat percentage went from around 32% to 19.5% all thanks to Superwoman. 🙏🏻

Sajitha M
20 Apr 2022

Where do i start about my experience with Shivali. I have been with her few weeks now and honestly i wasnt losing much weight and i am eating appx 1500 cals of food. Though i was believing in Shivali back of my mind i had this nagging feeling if i am on the right track. With difficulty i managed to crawl down to 66.8 and then came goa trip. I called her and she said come back well work in it. Just dont eat fried stuff. I went to goa , ate and drank to my hearts content and surprise surprise i came back with 0 gms weight gain. Thats when i realised that shivali has been quietly working on building my metabolism and she exactly knows what she is doing. The amt of food and alcohol i had was crazy and yet no weight gain. Cant thank her enough and guys a piece of advise. Trust her with ur food and health and u will never be disappointed. Loads of love Shivali.

10 Apr 2022

Shivali!! You are really an angel sent by God! In my entire life, I have never been able to lose even 1 kg weight despite following various Diets but this time to my surprise I have been able to shed Kilos despite eating to my Maximum capacity! You have truely changed changed my eating habits and have made me a more healthy and an energetic Person! Can't thank you enough for this! Thanks a lot Shivali! There is a long way to go but I know with you I will surely reach there! :)

Reshma K Lakhmani
06 Apr 2022

words cant be enough for the coach goodness and frankness. she is excellent in her way to teach the process and making it trustworthy. I started with 78 to 79 approx and currently on 72 to 73 shedded couple of inches and gained a good amount of strength and love for body and fitness regime. Also she made me learned a lifestyle changed needed in life.