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Strength and Conditioning
FITTR kids
Personal Training & Nutrition
Vanessa Fonseca
20 Jan 2023

I have been training under coach Shikha for over three months. She is very accommodating and understands your needs. Brings in a lot of variations so working out doesn’t get mundane after a while. She also keeps a tab on your diet and water intake. My overall experience with her has been amazing.

20 Jan 2023

I have been training with Shikha for 3 months now and I have gone down a dress size. My biggest issue was consistency and Shikha works around my schedule and my health. She did not just give me a set of exercise and watch my posture. On the first day she checked my knee health, my stamina, my flexibility, core strength and designed a set of exercise based on that. In the beginning we started with water bottle weight but in just 3 months we have graduated to 4.5kgs but that's not the biggest win. I am not scared of workouts anymore and that's like a completely changed mindset. Which makes me really happy. Recently I have started diet consultation with Shikha as well and after just a week I realised that I haven't eaten junk in this last week because I have always been so full. She does not just give a diet chart she also helps in following it. I am so glad I met her and I can't wait to see how I transform in next 12 weeks!

Shuchi S Arora
10 Jul 2022

Shikha helped me regain my strength & confidence in a short span of 1 month. I lacked consistency & she made sure that I joined every matter what? I can proudly say I have progressed in my workouts & I am a more positive person now.

Anusha Penneru
10 Jul 2022

Shikha is the best fitness coach I have come across. As I have pcod not many exercises suit me. She understood my issue clearly and designed a workout routine in a way that it helps to cure the root cause and lose weight in a healthy way. It has been a month since Shikha started mentoring me and I can really see a lot of changes in my body. As she says well it's not the weight loss only which matters it's the inch loss, mood levels, old clothes fitting better, mental well being, flexibility and it was true in my case and could see all the changes week after week. Under shikha's guidance and training I am confident to say that I can and will achieve my goal and cure pcos. Thanks a lot Shikha for all your mentoring and cheers to our strength training program ☺️ New Update -December Best decision I have took this year is to join Fittr and opting shikha Sharma as my pt coach. I joined in the month of June with long term pcos syndrome and who's looking to get conceive from so long.Shikha understood my body completely and daily she trained my body and sould in a way ,not only me every one can see difference in me w.r.t inches and I have never imagined that I will loose some weight and periods will be on track. Fortunately I got to know I'm pregnant in October and currently I'm in my 12th week of pregnancy. I would like to convey my heart full thanks to shikha who wishes my pregnancy like a family and entire Fittr team who introduces shikha to me.