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Hi, I am Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee - NASM CPT, NESTA, INFS Certified Fitness Coach, Sports Nutrition Specialist and Calisthenics Course Creator with an experience of transforming lives of more than 2000 Clients across the globe. Fitness to me is much more than six pack abs or a good looking body; it is a better functional and mental ability while enjoying the other aspects of Life. A great looking body is a by-product of a lifestyle which prioritizes mind, body and soul. I know this because when I started , I was just another skinny guy who didn't know what to do nor had anyone to guide him. I started at a weight of 48 kgs( Height -5'10") in the year 2009(age-21) and now maintaining around 70-72 kgs(age- 32+) naturally via proper nutrition and exercise. It took me a lot many years to reach this point and during this journey I focused on learning as much as possible via researches, science backed articles, multiple certifications etc. My specialization is Bodyweight & functional training, nutrition planned around home cooked food without cutting out carbs or fat unnecessarily, Sports Nutrition, Physique & Bikini Prep, Endurance Coaching. Here is what you can expect out of my Coaching? -Education and Awareness about your Body, metabolism and Fitness Level -Learning to sustain Fitness for rest of your Life -Scheduled Weekly Check ins via call/video calls -Exercise Form Review - Virtual hand holding on starting an exercise program So , if you want to achieve your fitness dream without giving up on your Lifestyle completely, I am here to take you there. Dm me/ Enroll to get started... Note: I was mocked for my skinny appearance and I could become what I am today with basic nutrition and limited resources as I was into a desk job for 6 years. I am sure you can relate. ... Show more

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