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Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee


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Tired of doing restrictive dieting? Tired of running for hours? Tired of not fitting into your favorite outfit? Struggling to figure out a time for a workout? Too tired by the end of the day to devote to your fitness routine? Tired of trying various programs but nothing seems to be working? I can relate to your problems as I was in your position one day. Before becoming a Fitness Coach, I was in an IT job with a hectic schedule. My transformation from a skinny 48 kg kid to a lean and muscular 72 kg guy happened while being in a sedentary desk job. The frustration that you have been facing is real and the transformations that you see here must be making you feel so motivated but you are afraid of you could do it or not. Well, you can. I am here to help you achieve fitness while following an approach that suits your lifestyle. With the experience of coaching over 2200 Clients over the last 6 years, I can help facilitate the transformation you have been aiming for so long. Hi, I am Sheikh Nadir Siddiquee - Founding Member - FITTR Community,NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist, NESTA, INFS Certified Fitness Coach, Sports Nutrition Specialist, and Fitness Educator and Author. I have authored various courses on Fitness Science and my career started with building this community you are on, yes, that’s right, the FITTR community( earlier known as SQUATS). Fitness to me is much more than six-pack abs or a good-looking body; it is a better functional and mental ability while enjoying the other aspects of Life. A great-looking body is a by-product of a lifestyle that prioritizes mind, body, and soul. I know this because when I started, I was just another skinny guy who didn't know what to do nor had anyone to guide him. I started at a weight of 48 kgs( Height -5'10") in the year 2009(age-21) and now maintaining around 70-72 kgs(age- 34+) naturally via proper nutrition and exercise. It took me a lot many years to reach this point and during this journey, I focused on learning as much as possible via research, science-backed articles, multiple certifications, etc. Here is what you can expect out of my Coaching? -Education and Awareness about how your body works -Learning to sustain Fitness for the rest of your Life -Scheduled Weekly Check-ins via call/video calls - Virtual hand holding on starting a diet and exercise plan - Building habits So, if you want to achieve your weight loss or weight gain goals without giving up on your Lifestyle completely, I am here to help you. Dm me/ Enroll to get started.... Show more


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