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Hi, I am Fittr coach and your fitness guide Sheetal Sharma a certified Nutrition and Fitness Expert by INFS. I believe Fitness is vital for leading a healthy life, It is a lifestyle not a short term goal. I did my B.Sc. Nursing as well and having more than 15 years of experience especially in Gynae and Obstetrics, trauma handling and assisting in general and ortho surgeries. My specialization lies in designing the plan as per the mentee's goals and lifestyle for achieving their goals. An experience holder of being 'Huge' at some point of my life, I can relate with you. I can help you in achieving your dream body/ physique and educating you about this process in your transformation journey is also my prime focus. Being a survivor of personal tragedy, major car accident, pregnancy induced hypertension, post partum depression, joint pain and anxiety, I can tell you one thing it is all upto us " to be broken forever or to be stronger than ever" and i chose second with the help of FITTR and Fitness. I have guided and helped many people around me in their transformation and overall health improvement in last 1 year. So " Never underestimate the power of fitness" and let's work together in making you a better version of yourself.... Show more

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