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20 Aug 2023

Sheetal is a great coach and understood my requirements well. She designed my diet plan as per my needs and regularly followed up with me.

Seema Pahelani
12 Jun 2023

I highly recommend Sheetal as a health coach based on my personal experience working with her. I started my journey with Sheetal in October 2022, and from the beginning, she displayed a remarkable level of dedication and commitment to my health goals. Initially, I was enthusiastic and followed her guidance diligently. However, as life presented various challenges, my ability to prioritize my health was significantly affected. Despite this, Sheetal remained a constant source of motivation and support throughout the process. Under Sheetal's guidance, I managed to lose around 5 kilograms, which is a significant achievement for me as I was struggling to lose even a KG post-pregnancy. Her emphasis on qualitative nutrition and the concept of adapting workouts to suit individual capabilities allowed me to develop a better understanding of my body and its needs. One aspect that I particularly appreciated was the regular communication and check-ins. Sheetal consistently made herself available to chat about my progress and address any concerns or questions I had. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the support that she has provided.

15 Mar 2023

It’s been an year that I’ve been with my coach Sheetal. She’s a wonderful person inside out! As a coach she’ll guide at every step - not just the nutrition or workout but even as a life coach! She’s very easy going and comfortable to work with. If a person falls off track for whatever reason, she’ll make sure to get him/her back on track with just the right amount of words. The best part about her is her diet plans which are tailored around the person’s lifestyle and likings as well. It doesn’t even feel that one is on a a diet coz she ensures that she covers the favorites in the plan. It’s been a breeze for me and that’s one thing I’ve been consistent about without any cravings or distractions. She’ll guide and send workouts as per one’s likings/interest and encourage/give tips about getting any form of exercise a part of your routine. There have been lot of times where she’s empathized with me, advised like a big sister on how to incorporate small changes to make sure I’m working towards my goal. I have tremendous respect for her and can vouch for her genuine interest in helping her mentees out.

02 Feb 2023

Sheetal Mam is the best coach and an awesome motivator. I'm a pre-diabetic and from last 1 year everytime my sugar levels were more than 6. This is first time the levels were 5.8. It came as a surprise and boosted a confidence in me. There were multiple times, i lost the calorie count and diet went out of track but Sheetal mam ,every single time, bought me back with her strong insights.She is always there to listen to guide to understand. One thing is sure now...I'm going to achieve my fittest body till date . very soon. Words are not enough to say thanks to her. I'm looking forward for the pre-diabetic to nondiabetic and more fit and more energetic. If you are someone who is looking to improve the health and get fit...then she is the perfect choice.Start your fitness journey under her guidence.