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PraJakta SonawaLe
11 Oct 2023

Shashank is an excellent fitness trainer. His efforts for making me fit is awesome. His knowledge about maintaining good health and sharing & communication is really helping out a lot to stay fit. He plans my diet according to my liking and dislikes so that i can stick to my diet. I can't say enough good things about him. I am so pleased with him and with the results that I am achieving. His encouragement has given me the confidence that I needed to start my healthy lifestyle. Thank you so much Shashank. :)

Usma Md
04 Oct 2023

It was on January 2023 when I decided to Join FITTR & get fit, while scrolling over the screen in search of the best coach, I found @shashankshekhar & from there my fitness journey started, earlier I used to weight 115.5 kgs & now it is down to 92(still counting) with a 2 month gap & cheat weeks. I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for your incredible support throughout my fitness journey. Your guidance, both physically and mentally, has been invaluable. Physically, your expertise has helped me make significant progress in my health and fitness goals. Mentally, your motivational talks and unwavering support have kept me focused and positive. Your dedication to your students' well-being is evident, and I'm fortunate to have you as my coach. You've not only improved my physical health but also taught me the importance of mental resilience and self-belief. I look forward to continuing this journey with you. Thank you for helping me become the best version of myself.

Abinash Pradhan
22 Sep 2023

I have been working with Coach Shashank for the past 6 months. I have always been active but couldn't find the balance with my nutrition and workouts. Shashank has taught me how to manage my nutrition in an efficient manner so I can get the most for my workouts and improve my overall physique. He is very responsive and always provides quick tips for nutrition and exercises that are very informative and helpful. I strongly Recommend Shashank for anyone looking to get fit and improve overall physique and learn a lot about nutrition and what it takes to get there!

Ravi Tiwari
30 Aug 2023

For me it was a total waste. It seems that Shashank is busy with something more important and even fixing up a time to talk to him was very difficult. I lost interest after the 2nd week itself and even Shashank did not bother. He was not what I was looking for. I know that the effort has to be on my part to be disciplined and consistent but there are times when you feel that a little bit of concern or pep talk won't hurt. Sadly Shashank was never there.