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Nesta Certified Sports Psychology Coach

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Ina Dawer
22 Mar 2023

Shanu is a coach with immense wisdom on nutrition and knowledge. He is very structured, detailed oriented and deeply involved in his mentees’ fitness journey. I enrolled with him only to loose some weight without getting injured, given some history of spinal injuries I had. And with his guidance on correcting posture and his inspirational chats, i was able to push harder each day. And preparing for running a marathon with 4 months of guidance which seemed like a far fetched goal. He has completely transformed my mindset towards fitness. “Fitness is a lifestyle”. I see myself pushing harder each day and my goal posts are changing. It is been extremely satisfying to challenge myself each day- Could not have done it with such ease without you Shanu.

Varunima bohara
15 Feb 2023

Shanu has in-depth knowledge both in exercise science and nutrition. He explains the plan and the rationale behind the calories/workout schedule, which really helps in understanding how it fits in one's goals. He reviews all my workout videos, and this has helped me correct my exercise forms and posture, and lifting without injuring. He is tough where he needs to be, yet, so humble and approachable. I had not paid much heed to the importance of right stretching, meditation, affirmations earlier,but, he has shown me the importance of these aspects. It is true that you need to put in your efforts, but, a good guidance can elevate and motivate you to do better. With clarity on how my plan aligns with my goals, I am here setting new goals which seemed impossible earlier. Give your best and leave rest to him. The results will undoubtedly be great! Thankyou Shanu for everything! I am grateful I found you 🤗 You are a rockstar🎉

Vibha Prasad
22 Jan 2023

Shanu is a very knowledgable , calm and humble coach.. I am his mentee for last 6 months now More than weight loss, my goal is to be physically and mentally fit and I am content in both the aspects.. I never felt that I was restricted to food Not exaggerating, fortunate enough to connect with the right person 🤍

Rashmi Sharma
12 Aug 2022

Giving 5star rating to Shanu will not do justice . He is beyond that. The kind of knowledge which he holds for nutrition and exercise is commendable. He has answers for all your doubts. Plus being a coach it’s very important to understand your mentee and on that I would like to rate Shanu 100 and beyond stars because he is so empathetic that I don’t need to say anything to him even when I am going through an emotional breakdown.He himself understands everything and asked me to take a break and then start again. In my opinion if one gets a right coach like I get😊 you can enjoy your fitness journey and can be consistent . I enrolled under Shanu for three months initially then again three months and now it’s going to be continue till the time my goal will get achieved and this happens only when you have a coach like Shanu 😊 Thanks Shanu for being a great coach.🙏😊