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Shuvankar Das
25 Sep 2023

Life changing experience for me after enrolling with Shanu sir. It has been such a great journey. He checks back every 2 days to see how I am progressing and keeps me constantly motivated. He looks into each minute detail related to form and sends responses and correction videos promptly . There has never been an occasion when I had to follow up for any doubt or query. Though the results haven’t been as great as it should have been with 100% discipline, I am glad I have still made noteworthy progress and am able to inspire people around me with my transformation.

Yash Jajoo
27 Aug 2023

Throughout the years, I've always tried very hard to get in good physical shape, but being skinny, it's not easy for me. Every now and then, people taunt me or say things that bring my morale down, affecting my mindset immensely. However, everything changed the day I decided to have Shanu as my coach. He made it so easy for me to talk to him that I could open up about my insecurities right from the start. He provided me with the structure and guidance I needed. Yes, the process was slow and gradual, but he ensured I stayed on the right track. He taught me why mindset is crucial during this journey, and he consistently emphasized, "Continue on your journey and let the results speak for themselves." He ensured I comprehended my nutrition and workout plan, customizing it according to my needs. His science-based approach is consistently on point. Throughout this journey, I faced injuries and personal problems, among other things, yet he always ensured I didn't lose my focus. He's been like a big brother to me. After being with him for over a year, I've unquestionably witnessed personal and physical growth from the inside out. I'm steadily and patiently progressing and transforming my physique under his guidance. I can proudly say that he is my coach, and enrolling with him requires no second thoughts. As he always says, Mind. Body. Soul. Thank you Shanu for being an exceptional mentor and coach!

Anoushka Banerji
22 Aug 2023

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to my awesome coach who has been an unwavering source of support and guidance throughout my post-surgery recovery journey. I’ve spoken about my post-surgery rehab and strengthening but I’ve yet to talk about the main person behind all of it. After my surgery, I found myself facing not only physical challenges but also emotional and mental hurdles that seemed overwhelming. That's when I was lucky enough to have Shanu Shashank as my coach. His expertise, empathy, and genuine care created a safe space for me to navigate this difficult time. From the very beginning, he took the time to understand my unique situation, fears, and goals. He tailored a recovery plan that went beyond just the physical aspects, incorporating mindfulness and emotional well-being and my interests into the process. He gave me plans incorporating my rehab while still making it fun for me to do. After our conversations, I would always be able to see the potential for growth and healing even in the face of adversity. His ability to inspire and motivate me was one of the major things that kept me going. There were days when I felt discouraged and doubted my progress, but my coach was always there with a kind word, a not so gentle push, and a reminder of how far I had come. Their unwavering belief in my ability to heal became the driving force behind my determination. Today, as I reflect upon my journey, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment that I never thought possible. The strength I've gained, both physically and mentally, is a testament to the incredible guidance and support coach has provided. I can confidently say that I am not only on the path to recovery but also on the path to becoming a stronger, more resilient version of myself He is my guide towards a brighter and healthier future. Thank you, Shanu sir for being my guiding light on this awesome journey

Shalaka Tiwari
10 Jun 2023

Shanu sir is a powerhouse of talent. He is somebody who will make you push your boundaries and make you realize you are meant for much more than would have ever imagined possible for you. He is an excellent communicator. He's extremely professional and knowledgeable. He's always available to clear my doubts. He goes that extra mile to make sure I am on track. He understood my problem of binge eating and very effectively is helping me resolve it. His motto ' mind, body, soul' truly reflects in the way he handles clients. Its not only about the number on the scale, Shanu sir helps with your over all well being. I am indebted to him for helping me at the time I was at the lowest in my life. He's a wonderful mentor and I hope to make him proud one day! Thank you sir!