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Shanu Shashank


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Hey, this is Shanu Shashank here. Welcome to my profile. I believe fitness is a lifestyle which can be achieved with discipline and a continuous effort. I have always tried inculcating the same into my clients, with my expertise in nutrition and exercise science. Speaking about my certifications: • I am a NESTA Certified Sports Psychology Coach. • I am PTC Certified - Coaching for Physique Athletes, Coaching for Power lifters. • I am Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Science (INFS) Certified Expert level Consultant. • I am Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Science (INFS) Certified Exercise Science Specialist (ESS) Consultant. I have had this humbling experience of guiding and transforming more than 1000 lives through the knowledge and experience I have acquired so far. Each journey has been inspirational and has given me the impetus to push the envelope further with them. How did I do it ? I provided a structured and customized plan to individuals looking for transformation by fitting it easily into their lifestyle and kept a tab along with them. Speaking of my personal journey in fitness, I started weight lifting somewhere around 3+ years back. Being an ectomorph, gaining muscle mass is the toughest task for an individual. But right knowledge and following the best of approaches; I have moved from a 47 kg skinny guy with body fat 18 % to close to 60 kgs having a body fat of 12 %. It is no miracle, just persistent effort and stock taking of my goals at every step. Coming here, you have already taken the initiative to explore this part of your life for the better. I will be here to allay all your doubts on diet and exercises and help kick start this journey towards a fitter and positive life, together.... Show more


Sports Nutrition
General well being
Strength and conditioning



Nesta Certified Sports Psychology Coach


INFS Certified Exercise Science Specialist


Personal Trainer Collective (SBS)

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