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Mamundikaruppasamy muthumamundi
13 Jun 2024

Thank you senthil bro, for being an amazing coach. He had very good knowledge in diet plan making and fitness. Ha gave diet charts according to my health condition and easy accessable person at anytime for my doubts. That was a wonderful journey over 6months and reduced 10kg and my hba1c from 6.5 to 5.3. And become more energetic and more young. Whenever I falloff he is a great motivator and consistency is the key to got success everywhere. Thank you bro.

12 Mar 2024

I spent 1.5 year with Senthil - that speaks volumes of his pure intent to make the difference in life. I have been a clean eater and have history of working out but since my organ donation surgery- life changed and limitations came through. He worked with me on the important issues that my body was experiencing. His focus on my wellbeing was very very refreshing as he looks at long term habits and life long lifestyle changes that one can sustain and that was a guiding force for me to remain on track. With travel- healing from surgery- emotional baggage- moving cities - getting married! He has been part of my life like I would not have imagined. He is a brilliant coach and most importantly an extremely genuine human being!

28 Feb 2024

The Best Coach Senthil bro with no second thoughts. THE PLAN: From the very first day the nutrition and the fitness plan was simple yet efficient. The plan was tailored such a way that it was sustainable and you dont fall out of it. THE COACH: Easily approachable Highy experienced Knowledgeable Friendly and Caring Supportive and Motivating. Under his guidance, I have changed lots of habits which was pulling me down, become healthier and happier person. Fitness wise I have lost lots of fat and gaining muscle right now. Thanks a lot bro.

10 Feb 2024

Thank you SenthilKumaran. You introduced me a quantified nutrition plan and it worked for me to lose my weight about 22 Kg in one year. Of which I lost 15 Kg in the first 6 months itself. Also I managed to get abs which I didn’t even think about it when I started a diet. Once I developed that desire he adjusted the plan accordingly. He has been supportive. Our Journey went well.