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Rohini tiwari
05 Feb 2023

My fitness journey started with Saurav and it turned out amazing. i joined him after a big illness, higher cholesterol level, fatty liver. He gave me a nutrition and workout plan keeping my health in consideration. on our weekly calls Saurav emphasized more on myth busting and educating about how and whys of fitness. During my subscription I fell sick, Saurav was kind enough to put my plan on pause, so that we don't waste our days . he even provided the substitute food chart to cater food cravings. With Saurav's motivation and push i started working out and walking and it is now part of my routine. i would highly recommend him.

shailja tiwari
01 Feb 2023

A coach (guru) is the person who guides you to the right path. And, Coach Saurav Singh justifies this completely in the fitness journey. Coach Saurav Singh guided me in every aspect of fitness, the right amount of protein intake, calorie deficit diet with regular homemade food, and strength exercise plans. Even how your daily steps counts make a big difference in this journey, he explained. Coach Saurav always motivates me by telling take one step at a time. I can’t thank him enough for supporting and motivating me in this fitness journey. What I learned from him is we can’t be motivated all the time but we can be consistent and disciplined. There were a few days when I did not see the results even after so much effort, but I never gave up as I trusted the process and my coach. Moreover, he clears all your doubts with the right knowledge. Why whey protein is so much important in this fitness journey, specifically for vegetarians, he explained. His myth-bursting sessions are awesome. Now I know what to eat in the proper amount which will provide me right nutrition. I feel lucky to have Saurav as my mentor in this fitness journey. Thank you, coach, Saurav Singh.

Anuja Tiwari
01 Feb 2023

Fitness journey is wonderful journey that I have ever done in my life and wasn't expecting or asked for! I was hesitant at first but I can't believe the wonderful changes that have occurred. Working with Saurav Singh has given me the confidence to work at getting healthier through exercise, good diet and determination. I have lost weight, I feel more energetic and best of all I am motivated to keep it up! I highly recommend Fitter and value Saurav's expertise in knowing what is best for my body, updating my program and keeping me on track.

Sudhanshu Kumar
30 Sep 2022

Knowledge with respecting human values. I would say all these as I lost 10kg in 3months under his supervision. He is one of the best mentors anyone can opt for. He talks on facts and sets goals as per analysis of one's health and habits. You can Cheat yourself but it's tough to cheat him as that's what it made big progress as he know the trick if you cheat it will reflect on your measurements. it's an opportunity to work with Saurav for my weight loss journey. he basically eliminate all your doubts which we generally get watching several videos and try to opt and fail. he is an analyst and best option to go for saurav as a mentor for a life change