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Savita Palial
03 Jul 2023

Thank You Saurabh for being a great trainer/mentor to someone getting started with the basics of quantified nutrition. Even though I had quite an active lifestyle and was regular at gym I wasn’t happy with the results or progress I was making, after I enrolled with you, it helped me understand how important is the role of quantified nutrition. I started seeing the desired changes in my body in the first 30 days and you always ensured to keep me motivated with your encouraging words. I would highly recommend Saurabh to you if you are looking to improve your health and get FITTR ;) Thank You!

Rahul Punera
03 Jul 2023

It was a Great Experience getting started with our fitness journey with Saurabh. Saurabh is always Helpful, Very Motivating and a highly considerate Coach. I would definately recommend him for anyone willing to start their fitness journey, as it can get little complex for someone starting fresh. Saurabh can guide you with your journey while making sure you are comfortable with every aspect of your plans, from Training plan to Nutrition. Saurabh Helped a lot with our frequent daily-routine changes due to my travels and was always there to help with customization to The plan to suit change of schedule. I had a great progress in the last 3 months. Lost a good amount of fat and gained muscles. I had been doing workout for a while before joining fittr but, that didnt' seem to help loose fat. Mainly because of Unplanned/unmonitored Nutrition/diet. Saurabh explained the importance of Food/Diet/Nutrition plan and how Quantifying Raw materials of everything you eat is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. I will you all the very best. Thanks again.

Rohit Lalwani
18 Apr 2023

Saurabh bhai as I call him is a great friend and I know him for more than 5 years when we were working together in the same company before he was a coach at Fittr and obviously I have seen him turn from fat to fab in front of my own eyes. After a lot of thought I enrolled with him at Fittr as I was getting over weight and wanted to be serious about my own health and overall fitness. It has been around one and a half month and I have already lost around 3 kgs and started feeling much more healthier just by simple change of eating the right kind of food in the right amounts which got possible only because his guidance. Thanks a lot Saurabh bhai and lets continue this further🙂

Manisha Biradar
29 Dec 2022

Daily by watching your pics and stories, it inspired me to enroll with you and it's a amazing weight loose journey. You prepared workout and diet plan according to my preferences and also prepared the party diet plan 🤪 and made me realise how to maintain the healthy balance life on 9-6 office work. He is not just a fitness coach but also a coach in my IT life. still more to go. My family, friends at some extent they got inspired by me and it's all because of you. Thank you for your valuable time, efforts, knowledge..☺️ 👏