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Hi, I am Sanket, an INFS Certified Coach specializing in Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, General Well-being. Contact: +91-83294-70798. I have a vast experience of coaching people who were both obese or skinny & of various age range. I was a skinny guy at 48 kilos when I started lifting to reaching 60+ kg with decent muscle mass now. The biggest factor is consistency, no matter what your goal is. Fitness according to me should be a part of your lifestyle and not something you do because you HAVE to. I would be making customized diet and training plans which would be sustainable for you after understanding your individual goals, short or long term. My goal is to make you achieve yours, whether it is losing that extra fat or gaining lean muscle, without any hiccups. The diet plan given would include the food choices you are accustomed to and eat on daily basis. The workout can be either home or gym based depending on your choice, convenience and will be planned considering your injury history and training experience. Whatever doubt you have, you can always ask me and I would be more than happy to answer them. Because, if you educate yourself, you can help yourself and others. Believe in yourself let's get start working!!... Show more


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