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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
FITTR kids
Pre & Post Natal Training
Tejasree depa
12 Apr 2024

Sandhya has been a great trainer. I’m a mom of twins and it has been very difficult for me to start on fitness journey. Sandhya was very flexible and considerate of my situation. She makes the session very interesting without giving monotonous workout. Sessions are very interactive and encouraging. I feel very rejuvenated post her workout. Thanks Sandhya for pushing me through and making it fun

26 Mar 2024

I have been working with Sandhya since last year and it’s been wonderful experience working with her. She is an amazing coach and very sincere always on time. I would highly recommend her.

Ruchika Kundu
04 Mar 2024

Over the past year, I've trained with Sandhya, and it's been amazing. She's helped me improve so much! Sandhya's really good at pushing me to do my best in every workout while making sure I'm doing everything right in form and posture, to avoid getting hurt. What I love most about her is how positive and encouraging she is. Every session feels fun and motivating because the variety in workout routines keeps the sessions engaging, preventing monotony and ensuring continued progress. Also in case if we are having any injuries , she focuses on that and curates the workout in a way that helps improve it. Sandhya is also super flexible with scheduling. If something comes up and I can't make it to a session, she's always understanding and helps me find another time. I feel really lucky to have her as my trainer. She's not just someone who helps me exercise—she's like a supportive friend cheering me on every step of the way.

Priya Gupta
25 Sep 2023

Sandhya has been a great coach for me. I was looking for increasing strength and stamina and not necessarily weight loss. she was able to tailor the exercises to my needs. she is very flexible in terms of accommodating any needs from my side both for types of exercises, intensity, or scheduling due to time zone constraints. I am always able to ask her to modify some exercises too if they are not working for me and she figures out the right way to modify. overall I'm very happy with my experience with Sandhya and would recommend her to others.