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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
FITTR kids
Pre & Post Natal Training
Ila Ajvalia
24 Sep 2023

Sandhya is a great coach! She is very patient and teaches good. She is always on time for every session and I always feel happy and motivated with her. I am still continuing my training with her. She also makes sure I take care of my shoulder and helps with the therapy for it. Very happy with her

10 Sep 2023

Sandhya is as amazing as a coach as she’s as a person. She has been super encouraging from day1 that we began our journey together and giving me exactly the amount of push that I need. After a tiring day at office doing training with her would actually help me rejuvenate. Within a month of training with her, focusing on diet and the right forms of exercises suitable to my body and stamina, I already see the difference in core strength (increased) and weight (loss). She is punctual, motivating, combo of strict and very soft spoken, ultimately what you need to get results and feel good about yourself. FITTR is an amazing platform (I have had bad experiences with others in past online platforms so I can vouch for this being the best so far). Kudos to FITTR to be able to maintain such great coaches, have good packages and the instructions on app! Cheers. ✌🏻

Manjusha Gaikwad
01 Jun 2023

Sandya is best trailer. she take take care if u over all. with strengthen training she also care How your body reacts and Guide accordingly. she help me for understanding about strength training of different body part like upper and lower body,back core exersize .I have very good experience with her

Chintu Pillati
30 May 2023

Sandy is the best trainer I could ever workout ! She heard every detail and concentrated on little details as well and pushed me so much to achieve my goal. I would always recommend her as the first choice