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Sandeepak Ghosh


About Me

Hey there, I’m Sandeepak, a fitness and nutrition consultant certified by the INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION AND FITNESS SCIENCES (INFS). When I first started out, I too believed most of myths out there on the internet. But now, equipped with the right knowledge about training and nutrition and applying it on myself, I know exactly how to help you apply the same in your daily lives and witness amazing results. My main goal is not just to help you see amazing results for 12 weeks, but to help YOU understand how these changes can be maintained effortlessly in the long run. At the end of it, it's also about keeping your results . I specialize in creating tailored diet plans and customized training programs so that you can not only get fit, but also enjoy the process. Personally, getting fit isn’t an agenda, but a way of life! Choose me as your guide and let me help you discover your best self.... Show more


General well being
Strength and conditioning
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