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Goutham Reddy Baradi
04 Nov 2022

I have enrolled with coach Sampath Reddy 3 months ago. I have lost a lot of weight, learnt a lot about calorie management and more importantly about having a healthy lifestyle. I thank him for the change he helped me achieve.

Ravi Kiran Gundu
30 Oct 2022

Did not pay attention to what I said at the start. No follow up or tracking. If I am self motivated and proactive, why would I pay such money and hire a virtual coach? Anyways, all the best. Fittr let me down here

Pooja Shah
15 Sep 2022

I had an excellent experience with Sampath. I was yearning to see the numbers i had in my mind on the scale and was having difficulties acheiving my goal before I enrolled with Sampath. He was able to manifest those numbers as a reality for me. He was extremely flexible and accommodating with my dietary and workout needs. He pointed out on making tiny changes and emphasized about consistency. He made sure to boost my confidence when I faltered but made a point of getting back on track as soon as possible. He was readily available to answer any and many queries I have had. He has been immensely supportive and has given me valuable bits of knowledge regarding the calorie deficit process and how to bump a plateau. Overall, I had a positive and enriching experience with Sampath over 12 weeks!

Gauri Sahi
19 Aug 2022

I have high regards for my coach, Sampath Reddy as he has turned out to be a turning point in my struggle with weight management and at the same time he has been very supportive and compassionate and he has guided my in my calorie management and most importantly I am indebted to him for having induced me into weight training which has turned out to be the crucial change in my lifestyle.