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30 Nov 2023

Choosing Salman sir for my fitness journey has been one of my best decisions. Salman sir has a very friendly and supportive nature.He is not just a mentor but a brother to me.He always listens and plans diets and exercise routine accordingly.He is always there to support you and guide you.Thanks to salman sir i never so feel confident and stronger ever. I am truly grateful for his unwavering support and hard work.Beyond fitness, salman sir has played a pivotal role in my personal growth, shaping not just my physique but also transforming my mindset.Their expertise and guidance have been instrumental in achieving my fitness goals. I highly recommend salman sir to anyone seeking not just a fitness coach but a dedicated mentor for overall personal development. Their unwavering support, motivational skills, and expert guidance make them an exceptional choice for anyone on a fitness journey.

Kranthi Kiran
28 Nov 2023

Thanks, Salman, for your guidance. I've made remarkable progress, losing 11 kilos, and I appreciate your unwavering support.

Zulqurnain Khan
24 Nov 2023

Salman is a great coach, helped me every step of the way. Although we had a difficulty of time difference however he has always been there to accommodate me with my needs. I highly recommend Salman’s services to anyone looking to lose fat and gain muscles.

Shalini K P
29 Aug 2023

If You are looking for a Best coach and Motivator for your fitness Journey and If you can enroll under Salman then you are the luckiest. He is very Professional and Friendly in understanding your lifestyle and Guiding you with the best Fitness regime as per your Lifestyle to get the best results. He changed My opinion towards being fit as he made me to understand it's not about weight it's beyond. He given me diet and Workouts which i feel very sustainable and very healthy way of approach. it's not crash diet or Vigorous exercise it's more of Very healthy and Filling diet with super energetic and enjoyable Workouts. He also address your challenges and Motivates you to do better each day he check upon very regularly and He gives you assurance that there is someone who really cares for your fitness along with you ,I became very conscious of eating healthy food and how much I am Working out on daily basis after i enrolled in fitter with Salman which was never happened to me before and this one change in me is much needed and I am so Thankful to you Salman. looking forward for great transformation. Keep up your good work.