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Salman Siddique


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Hey there! I’m Salman Siddique my contact number (+919620111121), a Nutrition and fitness coach from Fittr (SQUATS) with certification of INFS (Institution of Nutrition and Fitness Science). My expertise includes: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain & General Well Being. My life before SQUATS was just the version of “You”: a normal guy with an average body. Intrigued to stay fit and lead a healthylifestyle, I have embarked on this journey towards fitness and transformation since 2014. My passion for promoting “Stay fit” among people first triggered after personally living through the journey. Ever since then, no stone has remained unturned in doing the same for my clients. “From being a scrawny to now a brawny, if I can do it, why not you?” For me, “Fitness” is a lifestyle and to be a better version of yours with consistency and enjoying the process while sustaining it. I have been privileged to work with different individuals by using my knowledge & experience in their transformation journey. My experience can become your go-to guide in sculpting your health both physically & mentally. My expertise will not just train you, but instead help you lead in the right direction so that your purpose of fitness is achieved. So, let’s talk. Together, let’s build a sustainable & path breaking health plan only for “YOU” & transform the quality of your life by making you fit. Allow me to help you give an edge to your lifestyle and overall well-being. Trust me, “You can do it.” Thanks for stopping by. Keep that smile on & be healthy stay fit.... Show more


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