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shirisha darga
22 Apr 2023

Sailaja Besthala has been a great coach who could really bring wonderful change in any kind of person. I came to know about Sailaja through my friend and would definitely recommend to my friends, family and everyone who want to have a healthy lifestyle. I took 6 months of training and everything is worth it. She consistently looked into my progress and motivated me to reach my goal, it’s not how much you eat or workout for few days to get fit or loose weight, it is the consistency and dedication and able to implement this changes in our everyday life is what makes us fit and healthy both physically and mentally - I was able get this motivation from my coach Sailaja. She understands how our body is reacting to the training and make changes if necessary and always made sure I didn’t had any issues with my workouts or diet. Diet was very feasible for me and had everything which I regularly eat and nothing is hard on me. I became strong and confident with this training. She is Very patient, cool and constantly followed up on my progress and cleared all my doubts throughout my training. I was able to reach out to her any time if I had any issues, Sailaja was very supportive. I am very thankful and got a chance to show my gratitude towards her through this feedback.

17 Mar 2023

Sailaja is been an amazing coach, teaching everything from scratch for a beginner like me, being very patient with me, and got me some magical results that never happened in more than a decade of my struggles. Hats off to you.... super thanks for being there for me always 🥰🥰

Saideep Koppaka
27 Feb 2023

Sailaja has been an absolutely wonderful instructor. Her plans were easy to adapt and have given us wonderful results. The most toughest phase during our training was when me and my wife were down with covid for a couple of weeks and had to struggle with fatigue. Sailaja was really supportive to us during that phase and got us back on track by offering necessary guidance and motivation. I am certain that some of the tips she has given us will remain with us forever.Thank you Sailaja!

21 Feb 2023

Thank you Sailaja for all the patience you have shown with me by understanding my situation so well. You have been so supportive and encouraging because of which I could move forward without losing hope. Many times I have thought I gave up but you were there for me. Thank you so much for taking time to answer all my doubts. You truly are a great inspiration! Looking forward for a long journey with you.