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26 May 2023

I have had the privilege of working with Srinivas as my nutrition and fitness coach, and I am extremely satisfied with the experience. His expertise, cooperation, and dedication have made a significant impact on my fitness journey. First and foremost, Srinivas possesses a remarkable depth of knowledge in both nutrition and fitness. His comprehensive understanding of the subject matter allows him to provide tailored guidance that aligns perfectly with my goals. He has a keen eye for detail and takes the time to explain the rationale behind his recommendations, making me feel empowered and informed. I greatly appreciate Srinivas’s cooperative nature. He actively listens to my concerns, preferences, and limitations, ensuring that our program is customized to suit my individual needs. Moreover, he is incredibly flexible and adaptable, making adjustments whenever necessary to accommodate any changes in my schedule or circumstances. This flexibility has been invaluable in helping me maintain consistency and stay motivated. Another aspect of Srinivas’s coaching that I find exceptional is his consistent follow-up. He demonstrates a genuine commitment to my progress by regularly checking in and providing valuable feedback. Whether through calls or chats, he is always accessible and responsive, promptly addressing any queries or concerns that I may have. This level of support and accessibility has been instrumental in keeping me accountable and motivated throughout my fitness journey. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Srinivas as a nutrition and fitness coach. His knowledge, cooperation, regular follow-up, and availability have contributed to my positive experience and tangible results. Thanks to his guidance, I feel more confident, healthier, and better equipped to achieve my fitness goals.

Pramila MK
27 Feb 2023

Extremely glad to share the feedback. My mentor is Srinivas.l think l am the oldest lady mentee and tough for him to deal with in the beginning because at 61 it was tough for me to obey.As a teacher l was used to giving instructions ,not taking instructions and following them. Patiently Srinivas listened to me and understood my problems, short comings and limitations .Many a time l disregarded the diet chart because of hunger issues due to my fluctuating sugar levels. l was not accustomed to weight training .Under his able guidance l started my fitness program with resistance bands and dumbells in July2022.From 77kg l have reached 72.5 kg. with considerable fat loss and inch loss.I have reduced my insulin intake and my Hb A1 level is 6.8 now from 9.7 earlier.The quality of my life is now much better.Srinivas has been a great guide.His comprehension of the mentee's needs and temperament is astute .He dealt with my limitations very patiently and is very encouraging even if my goals reached are not very great.l thought that the weight loss journey is the toughest journey and impossible for me. But he proved me wrong.l have started losing weight slowly but steadily following his instructions. My FITTR guru is indeed the greatest guru .Kudos to Srinivas. You are an asset to the FITTR team

Sandeep Kumar Sampat
24 Jan 2023

I'm delighted to write this Note about Mr. Sai Srinivas Anna, who is an excellent fitness trainer. But just before that, well let me introduce myself Sandeep Sampat here who works in Dell Internationals Company from past 6 years in Complete Night shifts. With Improper-Work Life Balance i have neglected my Health. I have gained weight from skinny (60 kgs) to bulky weight (78 Kgs) and faced Health Issues. A few years ago (2017) i used to go nearby Gym but due to Lack of Knowledge about Gym work outs and home workouts and with Incorrect workout forms i lost interest and confidence on myself and i stopped doing workouts. After a huge gap and i used to weigh about 78 kgs, and One fine day (12th September 2023) i was randomly checking Fittr App to enroll under a Coach who can understand my personality and guide me through my goals without hurry. Then, I got my brother Sai Srinivas anna, who is like a Saviour for my life. Srinivas will guide you very well and you just need to follow the given Diet and workouts according to the given plan with Proper calorie Deficit Diet charts and Disciplinary Home workouts i started my journey. and have lost 14 kgs till date. I am really very lucky to be part of Srinivas client and i want to continue this journey without stopping any more. Now am feeling very healthy and concentrating on my other works as well. I was really stunned with his Biodata, the way he has transformed himself from where to here that motivated me to get trained under him. and the same thing i have been getting from past 4 months. Every time he motivates you with and he will be available all the time without any doubt you can msg him or call him at available time. His effort for making me fit is awesome. His knowledge about maintaining good health and sharing & communication is really helping out a lot to stay fit. In addition to fitness, he also knows and share nutrition diet plan for having good health. I'm really happy for giving me a good guidance and transforming me into a shape in person Now.

Lakshmi Narayana Reddy
24 Jan 2023

Srinivas is the best coach I have ever got. He motivates and inspires me everyday with his messages and posts. With the busy working schedule, I miss my status calls and followups with him but he patiently reaches out to me again and follow up Accordingly. I had an issue with my shoulder and he consulted a physiotherapist prior to preparing my workout routine. He also gives us a lot of recipes along with the diet chart. I am so happy to have a coach like him. Thanks Srinivas for being my mentor.