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Raghu J
04 Jun 2024

I have been training with Sai for the past 3 months, and the experience has been incredible. He is knowledgeable, professional, and truly passionate about fitness and helped me achieve goals. From the very first session, Sai took the time to understand my fitness level, goals, and any limitations I had. His personalized workout plans are achievable, and he always ensures that I am using the correct form to prevent injuries. What sets Sai apart is his ability to motivate and encourage. He is always willing to provide extra support and advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes. Thanks to Sai, I have seen significant improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall fitness. I highly recommend anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level.

Neelima Katti
26 May 2024

i have been training with Srinivas for 6 months now and have renewed for another 24 weeks. the best thing about Srinivas is his availability. He is just a message away from all your doubts. a very knowledgeable coach, understands your goals very well and tailors the plan accordingly. I am an athlete , been training and eating healthy since 8+ years, but 1 year under him has been a game changer in my aesthetics and performance. He is a highly disciplined person and expects the same from his clients, a walking talking role model for his clients.

Swetha Gangapuram
22 May 2024

Look no further you found your coach Glad I picked Srinivas as my coach! He first understands our goals and setup the plan accordingly, I have some food habits can’t avoid during my diet, Srinivas made sure they are part of my diet but made it quantified which am habituated now without consuming so much sugar. He is very motivating every time I feel like giving up all I have to do is to speak to him… He listens, he cares and he changes you! Lost 8kgs in just 12 weeks would have not been possible without Srinivas

Someshwar Shiva
24 Apr 2024

Srinivas is an amazing trainer and he motivated me to achieve my goals and suggested different diet plans based on my habits and timings. He was always encouraging and keeps pushing me to do workouts and follow the diet. At the end lost some weight and gained confidence to continue this routine. Thanks a lot for your guidance and highly recommend him to choose as your new mentor.