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Amit Jaiswal
16 May 2023

Mid Journey Transformation - The transformation to naked eyes would be minimal but not all transformation can be captured in pic. This is my first time finding a fitness coach for me henc even more important that I get the right one. After speaking to multiple coach ,I came across Sahil. He was the first one to ask my goal and patient enough to hear my thoughts, routine,workout, problems in first conversation. While I was scared that he would ask me to go on diet & cut my food,he made me understand that eating right is more important than excessive eating(my food intake remained unchanged). His mantra of "Reps till failure" helped me push my comfort level. Lifting weights that looked impossible in beginning has become routine one -From 5kg to 40kg... Flexibility that looked dream is possible now... From 30 sec to 120 mins plank...Now preparing for the next level

Kumar Ambrish
09 May 2023

Sahil is an outstanding coach. He will not let you feel that you’re compromising on anything but still ensures that you get all the nutrients in required quantity. His approach is phenomenal along with the motivation and support he grants..Very regular on follow-ups and prompt if any support is needed. In short he knows what he is doing and i wish him all the best.

Rohit Kapoor
09 May 2023

sahil is a great coach to have, his effort for making his clients fit is awesome. his knowledge about maintaining good health and willingness to listen to me and suggest a plan is really helping me. he is very supportive and encouring and also flexible with the changes in diet plans, etc based on my needs. I hope I will be able to achieve my fitness goal with sahil support.

Rishab Sharma
04 May 2023

Sahil is a good coach. The way he listens to all your doubts and gives proper advice accordingly.Just follow the instructions and try to be consistent you will see the results. Every monday i interact with him for a weekly schedule call but if i have any doubt i can ask him any day and even have a call any day. The diet and workout out plan created by him according to my body, really helps me get the results i wanted. Still fitness is a journey it's still going on.In 6-7 weeks my weight is same but i have lost belly fat and gained muscle mass and my strength has also improved a lot. Thank you sahil for being humble and patient. Keep it up.Very happy to train under you. It's like a routine for me to talk to you about fitness and follow the plan you create.