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Gurjyot Singh
26 Oct 2023

I have been training with Sahil Sharma for the past two months. My friend Vipul originally introduced me to him and indeed he also still trains with Sahil and I have not looked back. I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have at my age, (currently forty-Eight) if not for the personal attention given in my training sessions. Sahil is always very encouraging and has a vast knowledge of his profession. Sahil is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (& somehow fun). My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more sit ups / core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I actually look forward to my workouts. Importantly: – He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. – He is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. I thoroughly enjoy working out in the outdoor / indoor environment, and would recommend Sahil to anyone looking to improve their fitness.

10 Oct 2023

I'm incredibly fortunate to have Sahil as my nutrition and fitness coach. He has been instrumental in guiding me toward a healthier lifestyle, taking the time to understand my unique goals and tailoring every workout and meal plan accordingly. He is always available to answer my questions and provide guidance, making me feel fully supported on my fitness journey. His remarkable ability to motivate and inspire has kept me consistently on track. Sahil has made fitness and nutrition not only manageable but also enjoyable. He is a true professional who genuinely cares about the well-being of his clients. If you're looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable trainer, Sahil is the one to choose.

Trun Bhardwaj
27 Sep 2023

"Hi Sahil I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your guidance and support in my nutrition journey. Since I started working with you, I've seen significant improvements in my overall health and energy levels. Your personalized meal plans and expert advice have made it easier for me to make healthier choices and stay on track. Thank you for your dedication and encouragement. I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with you!" Feel free to personalize it further to make it specific to your experiences and achievements.

Snehashish Mallik
22 Sep 2023

Working with Sahil Sharma as my fitness coach at FITTR for the past 7.5 weeks has been an incredible journey. Sahil's guidance and support have been instrumental in helping me achieve my fitness goals. His personalized workout plans and dietary advice have not only improved my physical health but also boosted my confidence. Sahil's dedication to his clients is commendable. He consistently provided motivation and kept me accountable, which made a significant difference in my progress. I appreciate his deep knowledge of fitness and nutrition, which allowed me to make informed choices throughout this journey. Sahil's positive attitude and approachable nature created a comfortable environment for asking questions and seeking advice. I truly value his commitment to my success. Thanks to Sahil's coaching, I've seen remarkable improvements in my overall fitness and well-being. I look forward to continuing this journey with him as my coach. Sahil Sharma is a true professional, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance on their fitness journey