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I am Sahil Pathania,(+49 15214606411) certified by the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences and specialized in Nutrition and Exercise Science. I am also certified by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) and the German Medical Association (BLAEK) in the following fields. The certifications are provided by Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (LMU). 1) Nutrition and Lifestyle During Pregnancy. 2) Micronutrients in Pregnancy and Lactation. 3) LongChainPolyUnsaturatedFattyAcids's in Pregnancy, Lactation and Infancy. 4) Breastfeeding. The LMU certificates account for a total of 36 European CME Credits (ECMEC®s) points  & 50 German CME Credits (BLAEK) points. *The EACCME is an institution of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS).  I specialize in Fat loss, muscle gain, bodybuilding, general well being, strength and conditioning, Post pregnancy weight loss, and transformation/makeover. Being an ardent believer in change, I feel “change” is indispensable to live a happy and healthy life. For me, fitness is a lifestyle change, and that urge to change has to come from within, my own journey is one such testimonial. From losing whopping 38 kg (from 102 to 64) and winning over many health issues be it uric acid, high cholesterol or being pre-diabetic, I have changed everything with science-based approaches. For me definition and need of fitness is very subjective, hence I believe in serving customized, sustainable diet charts (based on your need and adherence to diet) and exercise regime complementing your lifestyle and requirements. I am completely aware of physical, mental and social roadblocks which one can encounter on a fitness journey. Last but not the least educating you on how to maintain your newly gained fitness will also be my prime concern. So, if you are all set to change, I am here to help you with my experience and services. Believe me “survival of the fittest” (fitter will survive longer and happier) is the new fitness and health mantra to a happy life. So, let’s work together for a fitter and better tomorrow!! Have tons of questions before you enroll? I am reachable at 15214606411). Feel free to contact me!! My location: Wiesbaden, Germany (CET Time Zone,IST-3:30Hrs) Consultation in: English, Hindi, German... Show more


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LongChainPolyUnsaturatedFattyAcids's in Pregnancy, Lactation and Infancy


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