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Lalitha Kopalli
31 Aug 2023

At the age of 72, With a heart condition and recovering from knee surgery, I was uncertain about starting a fitness regimen. Due to my weight issues, I decided to give it a try. I was referred to Coach Sachin and I must say that was the best recommendation. Coach Sachin took the time to review my medical history, laying out the process, and patiently addressing all the inquiries I had before I start my fitness journey. His knowledge is exceptional. He is very attentive while listening to my concerns and responds to them with empathy. It's been six weeks I started my program, the progress so far is very good. Shredding 8 pound made my body feel lighter and keeping me motivated. I am excited to continue this journey and make further progress. Thank you for everything you are doing and keep doing the good work.

03 Aug 2023

Sachin has been incredibly great. I have tried few coaches before him but he is by far the best. His greatest strength is his ability to listen and understand his clients. He motivates you, help you with your diet and even workout plans. We were in a different time zone and not even a single day I felt that he wasn’t responsive. His timeliness, dedication and guidance is exceptional. I would recommend him to anyone who is starting their journey or keeps falling back midway. Thanks Sachin for your guidance.

24 Jul 2023

Coach Sachin is simply the best. He listens. He’s calm, consistent and supportive. He understood my health issues and dietary restrictions and was able to draw a nutrition plan that is working far better than expected. I never ate so much food in my life yet I’m shedding the kilos. He thought me what a balanced diet looks like and does. I will recommend him to friends and family when I get back home to New York.

Rekha Shah
20 Jul 2023

As a 60-year-old woman, I embarked on this journey to improve my health and well-being, and with your unwavering support, I have achieved remarkable results – I've lost an impressive 10 kg of weight! From the very beginning, you demonstrated not only expertise in fitness and nutrition but also a deep understanding of my personal goals and limitations. Your tailor-made diet and workout plan took into account my age, health condition, and fitness level, which made it sustainable and enjoyable throughout the process. Your guidance has not only transformed my body but also boosted my confidence and self-esteem. Your coaching style is truly commendable. You never pushed me beyond my limits but gently encouraged me to push past my own boundaries. Your motivational messages and regular check-ins were a constant reminder of my progress and kept me accountable to the journey I embarked upon. What sets you apart as an outstanding coach is your willingness to listen attentively and provide valuable feedback. Whenever I had doubts or concerns, you were quick to respond with reassuring words and practical solutions. Your ability to adapt the plan as we progressed made all the difference and ensured my continued progress. Thank you again for helping me in getting fittr :)