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(Kindly ping me over whatsapp at if you want to chat or have a call to discuss your queries, i work with people from different Timezones) Hey there, my name is Sachin and I am your fitness coach. Here are my qualifications in the field of nutrition and exercise science: 1. Expert Level certification from Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences 2. Exercise Science Specialist from INFS 3. Currently pursuing M.Sc (Nutrition and Dietitics) I specialize in fat loss, muscle gain, post pregnancy weight loss, weight loss for kids and senior citizen and general well being. In my career span of 5 years in fitness industry I have worked with more than 1700 people belonging to different genders, culture, timezones, food preferences, orthopedic issues, lifestyle disorders such as thyroid, pcod, pcos, hypertension etc and helped them in achieving there fitness goals. What I believe is online coaching is all about good communication so when you work with me you can expect quick replies, timely check-ins and UMLIMITED calls as per the need. At the same time I expect you to help me in having a good communication and understanding between us so that we can work as a team. If you have tried getting fit and it has not worked for you than it's not your fault most probably you didn't have the plans customized for you so you were not able to stick to it long enough to see results. That won't be the case here, i ensure you get the best plan customized based on your preferences, goals and lifestyle. And through proper communication we are gonna make it better throughout the journey. So don't hold yourself back, you can start your fitness journey at any age, feel free to connect to have a call and discuss your goals so that I can give you the confidence to get started. I have helped people achieving there best physique and health in there 20s as well as 50s, you can also be one of them and you must be, let's achieve your goals together ?... Show more


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