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(My whatsapp link to connect: ; I work with clients from different timezones) Hey there, I am your coach Sachin. Started as an IT engineer I left my job back in 2018 to pursure my career as a full time fitness coach. I specialize in making customized Nutrition Plan, Exercise Plan (Home/Gym) and Sports Nutrition. I have a total experience of 5 years in the field of Natural Bodybuilding. I have transformed 1500+ people from different gender, age(14 year kid to 65 year old grandparent), profession, culture, lifestyle and medical conditions. I believe that achieving a goal in a fixed duration of time is not very tough but maintaining that achieved goal is the part where most of us fail. And the reason why we fail is because we don't adapt to the changes that we made during this transformation phase. Well that won't be the case here, we will work on building a sustainable plan that you can enjoy, if you can't eat something I won't force you to, if you can't go to the gym I will plan a home workout for you, but the goal will be to make you consistent and enjoy this journey because that's what gives results and results will motivate you further to continue. I also ensure that when a client completes his/her transformation, they must know how to maintain it. If you have tried following a diet earlier and did not succeed then believe me that particular diet plan was not customized as per your lifestyle and food preferences. No matter how good a plan looks on paper if it is not customized for you you won't be able to follow it, thus no results. As a coach my job is to make your life easy by making sustainable nutrition plans and goal oriented training plans (Home/Gym) depending on your lifestyle and preferences so that you can have a balance between your Fitness Lifestyle and your Social Life. My Degrees and Certifications: 1. INFS Expert Level Certification in Nutrition and Training Science 2. INFS Exercise Science Specialist 3. Pursuing M.Sc (Nutrition & Dietics) Working Hours: Everyday: 7.30 am-9.30 pm IST For any queries you can reach out to me through whatsapp or my mail id ... Show more


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