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Mitesh Nandlaskar
24 Dec 2022

I started well with the plan by reducing my weight from 89kg to 83 and suddenly due to coach personal issues we both lost track and very limited conversations happened. Ritwik did well to provide additional days in the plan to bounce back but the damage was already done in terms of lot days and lost work. But again the coach continued with his absenteeism and I lost the motivation to bounce back since there was lack of communication with the coach. Ideally if there was multiple absentism or unable to be that productive then the admin or their supervisor could have redirected to a different coach but nothing such happened. Really unhappy with the way things went. Will advise JC, Rohit and Bala to go through multiple background checks before onboarding them as coach.

11 Aug 2022

I have 41 days left in my plan. But my conversations with the coach have been very few. Party my schedule too but I’m unable to fathom how the coach can go for days without putting their foot down and initiating contact. My comments and ratings are in line with Ashu Sohu - poor response, lackadaisical attitude and not a great experience at all. I thought I’ll let this one go because of the way things have been at home lately with family being sick and all, but I read Ashu’s post and felt that I should voice my concerns.

Ashu Sohu
06 Aug 2022

On July 11, I began my plan with Rutwik. This is the second time I've used Fittr to get a fitness plan. The first time was in 2019, and it went really well with a different coach, hence I continued my fittr journey again. Here are the things I didn't like about the way he worked: 1. Rutwik instructed me to weigh myself every day and give him an update. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable weighing myself every day since it would make me feel really demotivated. Despite my mentioning that I do not feel comfortable sharing my weight on a daily basis, he refused to comprehend the reasons for my feelings and simply told that his working style is different and that I should listen to him. 2. Despite telling him to prepare plans for at least 5–6 days from the very beginning of the plan, he created a plan for just four days, leaving out any core exercises. He used to forget about my food preferences frequently, and I had to make adjustment requests numerous times before he updated the portal. 3. He used to update the diet/training chart at a late hour (around 1-2am), so I would just ask him to do it by the weekend/or monday so I could start the following week with a set diet/training schedule. I had no time to ask any inquiries before to beginning my diet because of the update's strange timing. 4. I did admit that I was hesitant to join a gym. He insisted that going to the gym would be preferable despite the fact that I had mentioned that I had previously lost weight by doing only at-home exercises in 2019 (I have a variety of dumbbells at home). A coach asking you to pay extra money to join a gym is extremely upsetting for someone who has already invested money on the plan. 5. We spoke on Sunday, and when I asked him about my plan for Monday through Friday, he responded the following Sunday by saying that Sundays are not his working days. I completely get that we all need weekends. We all need rest. Customers could find it strange that a coach will be available to work one weekend and then will let me know the next weekend that he won't be working. It is obvious that he did not set the bar for expectations since the beginning of the plan. He was not adaptable, and I noticed that he did not pay attention to my explanations for a problem. His coaching approach was far too rigid. He refused to find a medium ground and simply advised me to email Fittr and ask for a new coach after I explained how constantly monitoring my weight can lead to restlessness, demotivation, and eating disorders. The impact on a customer is not the loss of money, but rather the time and patience he invests in weight loss and not receiving the same amount of effort from the coach.

Niyati Joshi
20 Apr 2022

I talked to different coaches before I picked Rutwik. Rutwik took out his time to talk to me over the phone once I messaged him. He wanted to understand my goal. That phone call meant a lot to me because this showed how much he will be invested in my journey. Indeed, he proved to be the best coach. Anytime and every time, I message him about food product or advise, he was willing to answer and explain right away. I have lost almost 28lbs in three months because of his constant support, right coaching and good workout plans and/or diet plans. If you are looking for a coach, I would really recommend Rutwik as your coach hands down as he will guide you in the right path. He will really be invested in you. I have made the best decision by choosing Rutwik as my coach. I feel very lucky to have him as my coach and you will not be disappointed if you pick him as your coach, that’s for sure!