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Mitesh Nandlaskar
24 Dec 2022

I started well with the plan by reducing my weight from 89kg to 83 and suddenly due to coach personal issues we both lost track and very limited conversations happened. Ritwik did well to provide additional days in the plan to bounce back but the damage was already done in terms of lot days and lost work. But again the coach continued with his absenteeism and I lost the motivation to bounce back since there was lack of communication with the coach. Ideally if there was multiple absentism or unable to be that productive then the admin or their supervisor could have redirected to a different coach but nothing such happened. Really unhappy with the way things went. Will advise JC, Rohit and Bala to go through multiple background checks before onboarding them as coach.

11 Aug 2022

I have 41 days left in my plan. But my conversations with the coach have been very few. Party my schedule too but I’m unable to fathom how the coach can go for days without putting their foot down and initiating contact. My comments and ratings are in line with Ashu Sohu - poor response, lackadaisical attitude and not a great experience at all. I thought I’ll let this one go because of the way things have been at home lately with family being sick and all, but I read Ashu’s post and felt that I should voice my concerns.

Niyati Joshi
20 Apr 2022

I talked to different coaches before I picked Rutwik. Rutwik took out his time to talk to me over the phone once I messaged him. He wanted to understand my goal. That phone call meant a lot to me because this showed how much he will be invested in my journey. Indeed, he proved to be the best coach. Anytime and every time, I message him about food product or advise, he was willing to answer and explain right away. I have lost almost 28lbs in three months because of his constant support, right coaching and good workout plans and/or diet plans. If you are looking for a coach, I would really recommend Rutwik as your coach hands down as he will guide you in the right path. He will really be invested in you. I have made the best decision by choosing Rutwik as my coach. I feel very lucky to have him as my coach and you will not be disappointed if you pick him as your coach, that’s for sure!

MaryAnn Antony
22 Jan 2022

I enrolled under Rutwik for a 24 week program. He is such an amazing mentor that one could ask for. I made the best decision to start my fitness journey with him. Initially, when I reached out to him I was in a confused and stressed out state. Nevertheless he was very calm and listened to me, he told me not to worry and that he would not make this journey difficult for me. In the past I have put in a lot of effort into workouts/diet and all, but the result was barely visible in spite of all the efforts. But when I started my journey with Rutwik, things started changing, I never felt that I had been doing anything out of the way. He made it very simple that it was easy to follow. His focus does not stop with just diet and workout, he believes in the overall betterment of your lifestyle. He takes time to understand your problems, tries to dig into details and helps in correcting them. I have started seeing results, that too without starving myself. 😀 I'm now more mindful of what I eat and I look forward to my workout sessions. I started with home workouts and ended up going to the gym. I feel more happy and energetic. And all this was possible with the right guidance and support from Rutwik.  In spite of the time zone difference, he always made himself available whenever needed. He answered all my queries/concerns, however silly it was, but never made me feel embarrassed. In between the program, I was sick for a few weeks, but he never gave up on me. He kept checking how I was doing and guided me in the right way so that I was able to recover without compromising my health. I was going through a rough time, but he stood there by my side as my biggest support, helping me to overcome my difficulties.  I have gained confidence and feel so happy with the results that I have achieved so far and yes it's not over yet, as I look forward to achieving more under Rutwik's guidance. Thank you coach for the amazing mentorship, you are an inspiration and a wonderful coach 🙏