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Neelam Kamnani
11 Sep 2023

Trust me it hurts to give bad feedback to someone. but this is my honest experience 1. Communication gap - using only fittr chat or call which has alot of technical problems. later switched to normal calls but that too gets dropped in a 10 mins call 2. Ruchika doesn't utilise the tools which are actually good in fittr like training tool/diet tool which makes it easy for trainee to track / follow on a daily basis, giving all the details on notes inside "my plan". you will have to choose days manually I ended up skipping difficult days. 3. Personalized service - Ruchika usually was forgetting what are my preferences, veg/non veg when and where possible, finalizing something on the phone but updating the diet incorrectly, combining this problem with the communication gap made it worse. 4. consistency - my main goal to take 24 week journey for the first time was to build habit, Ruchika played a role to do opposite of it. training given was overwhelming at first 15 exercises per day, I communicated and she changed accordingly but she kept adding extra exercises which were not suiting my schedule or creating injuries and pains breaking my consistency altogether. finally I gave up to change the coach and move on as I tried 3 months to work it out. this was by far my worst experience with fittr. I am not saying these were impossible things to handle or I was a perfect trainee but trainers are supposed to make trainees life easy to follow diet and exercise along with normal hectic schedule we need to deal with, not do the opposite.

02 Aug 2023

She's such an fabulous coach, Her way of treating her clients is excellent. she has so much of positivity that can make you believe in yourself. so supportive she is,she is best. Beside guiding for physical transformation she helps mentally aswell. I'm grateful for her🥰

Amol Kamble
01 Aug 2023

I've been trained under basic to standard coaches earlier. but after meeting Ruchika Nathany I have experienced I wish I would have meet Ruchika ma'am three years back when I joined fittr. and till now I definitely would have won one transformation challenge. she is such a great mentor ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ her assesment is top grade. the way she understood my mentality weaknesses and helped me to overcome with my mental stability my sleeping disorders and all my weaknesses, is highly appreciated. everything she understands and works accordingly week by week and made me feel stronger than ever before. Ruchika Nathany is an advanced category coach in my opinion. and I believe that soon I am going to achieve success under Ruchika ma'am's guidance ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Highly Appreciated!

Shweeta Poojary
24 Jul 2023

Ruchika is a fantastic coach, Her positivity, personalized attention, and varied workouts kept me inspired and focused on my fitness goals. Ruchika's uplifting attitude has been a constant source of encouragement especially since I would sometimes miss my activities because of my hectic schedule, she ensured I got right back on track! She took the time to understand my individual goals and limitations. Regular check-ins and progress tracking have helped me stay accountable to my fitness goals. I am grateful for the changes and discipline she helped me achieve.