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Shradha K
31 May 2023

Firstly ,one needs to be very lucky to get Coach Ruchi's slot .Once you get there,then there is no turning back .I have been with several coaches on Fittr and I can definitely say ,coach Ruchi is different in her own exceptional ways - with her approach to clarify doubts almost instantly , her motivating voice messages which give the feel of personal touch even though you connect with her on weekly talks , her hard work and walk the talk attitude and pushing you achieve your limits .I have been traveling during some of the tenure but she has always guided me on the right food choices and active lifestyle, my best is yet to come with Coach Ruchi :) The journey continues ..

Sonam Verma
24 May 2023

Today I have completed almost 18 weeks under Ruchi. It's been a long journey and it's still in progress to achieve my goals. I lost 14kg and it can't be possible without her guidance. I learned a lot about the food I was eating too much of, and what I should be eating more of. I began cutting out some of the bad stuff and replacing it with good stuff. It became a habit. I began to gravitate toward making healthier food choices and gave in less to junk food cravings. Her effort for making me fit is awesome.Thank you for all your guidance and support over the past weeks. Couldn’t have done it without you:). Thank you for helping me understand food, exercise, and what a healthy lifestyle looks like!!

Jayanthi V
15 May 2023

I have been under Ruchis guidance for 11 weeks and have learnt a lot in terms of shifting mindset to adhere to the diet plan. I have a long way to go and her positive enforcement that we can do helps me a lot. I have lost 4 kgs under her mentorship. I have a long way to my goal and I'm looking forward to the day I can share before and after pics. Team Ruchi, together we can !!. Hope to get there soon.

Pragati J
11 May 2023

It is my great pleasure to write this review for one of the most dedicated and hard-working person I have come across and have the privilege to call myself her mentee, Ruchi 🙏 I have been following Ruchi on social media for quite sometime, and have seen the amazing transformation of the people she coached. She is highly motivated for fitness and keeps motivating you to give your 100 % to the plan while she is giving her 200%, making sure that her mentees are on track. She is very patient in listening to all my concerns, always just a text away. She is very careful with playing with the calories in the diet chart and always respects the choices of the mentees. ​Her workout videos are super motivation boosters, and not to forget #SeedhiBaatNoBakwas 😃 just enough to get anyone back on track. This is my 2nd time with a FITTR coach, and I am so glad that I found Ruchi as my coach here. Thank you so much Ruchi for all your time, care and support! #teamRuchi for life!!