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Rohit Uchil


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Hi, my name is Rohit Uchil, but you can call me Rocky. I am a certified nutrition expert from INFS with a passion for learning and keeping myself updated with the latest knowledge on fitness and nutrition. My journey with fitness began at the age of 16, and ever since then I have been passionate about a healthy lifestyle. I have been helping people with their fitness goals for over seven years, and have more than 100 plus transformations to my name. I believe that looking good is the end result of feeling good, which is equally as important to being mentally and physically healthy. So my main motive is to transform my clients both physically and mentally in regards to fitness. My background in fitness began as a martial artist and fitness physique competitor. The skills obtained during those years allowed me to apply the same knowledge not only on myself, but to my clients as well. Due to a major arm dislocation following a serious accident, It had left me feeling that I was back to square one in my fitness journey. I had to re-evaluate my physical and mental health, which in turn granted me with a humbled knowledge in regards to healing the human body and spirit . I enjoy the thrills of traveling and have handled many clients who follow the same lifestyle, which allows me to guide them in maintaining a diet and workout regime while on the road or overseas. I specialize in: Bodybuilding, injury prevention and recovery, general wellness, strength and conditioning, transformation and fat loss. I believe in becoming the best version of yourself, are you ready to transform?... Show more

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