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Kiranmayi Kakumani
14 Apr 2023

I am so glad I chose Riya as my coach. She makes sure that weight loss is not the only goal of exercise but the ultimate goal is for fitness and good health , she motivates me to do more when I give up but also makes sure to understand when to slow down and give rest to the body. She always incorporates a good warm up and cool down in all her exercise routines. She brings up a new routine everyday which makes the workout very enjoyable. Also with a beautiful smile, she always creates a positive and relaxing environment. So now , I look forward to exercising everyday. I highly recommend her as a coach to anyone who is looking to get fit , stronger and healthy.

28 Feb 2023

Riya is a wonderful coach. She's energetic and makes the trainee feel comfortable during sessions.

19 Jan 2023

Riya is fantastic gifted trainer, knowledgeable. experienced, approachable ( most important) and flexible in her training.. she is my patner in shaping my fitness goal and honestly shares Love and haye relationship with her ... Hate her when she pushes me beyond my comfort zone and Love her after the work out feeling a sense of achievement. Mere words cannot express my thanks to Riya for tailoring the sessions to my purpose and offers a pragmatc program not to get bore with worklouts whether it be zumba or streching... cross fit or yoga or tabata Highly recommend Riya !!!

Bhavna Gupta
21 Nov 2022

Riya is a great coach who understands my body and provides adequate training. She has good techniques and she makes sure that the sessions are not monotonous. I joined her Zumba classes but she coaches me on a mix of different workout classes,I really enjoy all the classes. Also, not to forget - she encourages and motivates me to do better each time. thanks Riya