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08 Jul 2024

Riya is a very humble, soft-spoken, sweet, and experienced professional. It's lovely to start my day by seeing her bright face and smile. She plans her workouts according to our needs and health conditions. She gives very much importance to warm-ups, cool-downs and hydration in between. She provides you with an in-depth idea of what Zumba is all about and also gives importance to strength training in between, as Zumba is a mere cardio workout. Basically, it's an amalgamation of varied types of workouts. She patiently levels your stamina and confidence up, unknowingly. I highly recommend this friendly gem to anyone who is on the lookout to transform your lifestyle with fun and zest. Wishing you all the best in all your future endeavors, dear Riya! <3

26 Jun 2024

Riya is one of the sweetest fitness trainer as she blends so many workouts like zumba, pilates, kick boxing, meditation n so much bore.. that u can never get bored in her classes.. It is already 3 months and it’s always a surprise fun to workout with her.. infact I look forward to workout.. she blends fitness with work so well that one looses inches laughing.. I highly recommend her.. she vl ping u continuously so that u dont miss the class and helped me to keep on track as well.. but she is flexible enough to accommodate any change of time or excercise we want.. Her passion and energy is contagious, and motivate me not only during the workout but after the workout too.. I m grateful to have such a fun and inspiring trainer😊

Haripriya Chaturvedi
12 Feb 2024

Your ability to blend fitness and fun is truly commendable, and it's evident that you bring a genuine love for what you do. The recent Bollywood class was an absolute banger. Amazing music and awsum vibe. For anyone looking for a good Zumba teacher - I highly recommend her. Her choreography is phenomenal and keeps us engaged. She incorporates Bollywood and traditional Indian dance, making the sessions an absolute party. Her inclusive and uplifting approach creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Her passion and energy are contagious, motivating us throughout the class. I'm grateful for such a talented and inspiring trainer on my fitness journey.

Shaily Shylee Hakimian
16 Oct 2023

The accountability is KEY! I appreciate her flexible scheduling when things happen. It's been my first week with Riya and Fittr, and I have kept up with the workouts. I sweat every time. This is no joke. She kicks my butt and I know it will help me improve my breathing. Being able to do the workouts anywhere helps too. Just the thought of needing to get up, put on shoes, and walk to the gym is enough to deter me from taking care of my health. She makes it easy. I am looking forward to seeing how I feel after the first full month. So far, amazing!