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Rishi Manuja


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Hi, I am Rishi.I hold a total work experience of 6 years and expertise in? Bodybuilding, Sports Nutrition, Fat-Loss, General Wellbeing, Strength & Conditioning, Transformation and Specialized Packages. Sharing about me, sometime back I had injuries all over my musculoskeletal system accompanied with genetic issues, thyroid and fractures from childhood. I am an Internationally approved Martial Art practitioner and this field requires one to be fit at all times. This, for me, was where it all began. I started as a Fitness Enthusiast and with time it has become my passion. Passion for Life!In past few years, I have had experience in working with wide populations through different fitness domains which include weight loss, strength & conditioning, injury prevention, wellness coaching, and endurance training. The market is filled with products that promise to create a balance between sedentary lifestyle and wellness but there is a lot of contradiction in our expectations vs reality. Here, on the other hand, we don't promise, we need you to promise us that you would work hard..because that is what it's going to take!I may not be the best, but if you let me be the best for you, I shall put in everything to bring out the best in 'you'. I am here to teach, help and coach you to achieve your fitness goals and improve your lifestyle through personalised programs targeting specific conditions and concerns. Let me be your guide in this journey and we shall take the steps together to the beautiful destination. The pace might get slow at times but we will be there..definitely!I shall make the path an adventure so that you stay glued to your journey and the destination shall gradually follow. I promise to give my best to be able to make you meet your expectations in reality. I have been there, done that! It's not going to be a cake walk and in reality, it takes months(sometimes even years) of efforts for 'the miracle' to happen! So stay strong, stay patient, stay motivated and most importantly..stay determined and let me take care of the rest and we shall together reach there!! As your Fitness & Nutrition Coach/expert, I will guide you through.If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you..challenge yourself because-"What seems impossible today, will be your tomorrow's warm-up"Check the transformations guided by me on the next tab! Commit to be Fit and let me help you with your Transformation too! Thanks, Rishi Manuja (Country of Domicile - INDIA)... Show more


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General well being
Strength and conditioning

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