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Strength and Conditioning
Martial Arts
Animal Flow Workouts
Sumanpreet Walia
12 Apr 2023

I have been in training with Rishabh for more than 2 months now and see my self on this journey for long run. He is very versatile and understanding in general and has immensely helped me in staying active and focused. He is able to focus on problem areas and my pain chronic pain levels are better managed with his workouts. He is always able to explain the complexities behind each workout. Thanks Rishabh

Abhishek Gupta
21 May 2022

Rishabh is a Seasoned personal trainer and caters to my fitness requirements. Makes feels so comfortable during the session, no matter what level you are on. He guides so structurally that it does not feel like I am dragging myself to exercise. I would recommend him to anybody regardless of the fitness level. Thank you Rishabh for your guidance in growing me fittr. Your training methodology is highly effective, helping me to refocus my energies and complete some major goals in my busy life. A huge shout out to you for being such a versatile trainer.

08 May 2022

Started training for calisthenics and animal flow under Rishabh Thakur. Initially I took a one month personal training package. From day one each session left me feeling not only exhilarated but fitter and stronger and I kept looking forward to the next session. Extremely diligent, Rishabh takes time out to explain the techniques, position, posture and muscle groups at play. Most definitely leaves you with a deeper understanding about your body and the workouts. I’m not ready to give up my training with him any time soon. I’ve gone ahead and renewed it again and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Minakshi Kamath
29 Nov 2021

Best coach I ever had Mr. Rishabh Thakur. Thank u for being there for me and always guiding me. He is a passionate coach and will stick by you till u achieve ur goal. His approach is very systematic and structured. I am going to finish my 6 months journey with him and planning to continue even further. Would love to recommend him to friends n family as well. I had almost given up after my delivery, that I could never loose weight and come back to what I was before, but he made it possible. Not only can I see good and sustainable weightloss, but amazing inch loss too which keeps me motivated to come back each day and complete my workout. Not to forget he not only has good knowledge about fitness he also specialises in MMA and calisthenics too. So he ensures each day he comes up with such variety of exercises that makes me more excited to try out new things. In all, he is an amazing person, wonderful coach, knowledgeable, dedicated, passionate about his work and this keeps his clients even more happy to perform better. 5 stars to u Rishabh keep up the good work. It was impossible without u 🙂