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Supriyo Dey
21 Apr 2023

My experience with Rishabh was Great! I joined Fittr with Rishabh bhaiya as my coach in October 2022, i was weighing 116 kilos, Bhaiya was supportive from the start, he kept track of how much active i was, if i was logging my steps everyday or not, if i was eating properly or not, if i was hitting the gym everyday or not. Rishabh made sure i made being Fit a lifestyle rather than just a goal for myself, by the end of the plan i lost 4 kilos, while it may seems less, and it made me feel demotivated at times too, i just made a call to Rishabh bhaiya and he would fire me up with his motivation, he connected with me very well and was very fun to interact with, he made losing weight a fun challenge and not a drag. Thanks Rishabh bhaiya, you've been very supportive and interactive, also i like your down to earth personality. Lots of respect for you and Thank you.

Sandeep Kumar
14 Apr 2023

I would like to share my experience. Started at 95 kgs now at 83 Kgs. Rishabh is very patient and always checking up on progress actively. He has been a constant source of motivation. I will be continuing with Rishabh in future as well.

Shriya Arora
06 Apr 2023

My fitness journey with Rishabh was beautiful! Initial weight- 82kgs Current weight- 65kgs Time- 4 months With my whole heart I want to thank Rishabh Sethi for all the support, guidance and motivation. He helped me build my discipline with slow and easy steps. And I cannot believe what my body is able to do now. I have never felt so strong and active. For someone who is starting their fitness/weight loss journey, Rishabh is your go to person at fittr

Aarthy Senthilkumar
22 Mar 2023

I joined fittr in August 2022 with my husband as part of a couple transformation programme under Rishab. I am extremely happy that I chose him as my coach. since then he has always been supportive, appreciative and diligent when it comes to planning our goals. I always had a bad relationship with food and diet but Rishab made sure to explain the process and really took time to say what can be achieved realistically. I have lost close to 8 kgs but more than that what matters most to me is that I have improved so much when it comes to eating practices and physical activity.All his talks and plans have got me a long way in my fitness journey and I will continue to learn from him and keep working on achieving my goal. Thank you Rishab!