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Arun Kumar
07 Dec 2023

Rishab is an awesome coach. He spends quality time discussing progress and any changes required. He works with your limitations and can find a solution for all issues. He constantly keeps the motivation level high for students. I achieved more than what I expected in 12 weeks. Hats off to Rishab 🫡.

Varun Reddy
04 Nov 2023

best coach but could have done better.. looks like overwhelmed with lot of clients

Kirti Ferwani
01 Nov 2023

Rishabh is not just an amazing coach but also a very humble and understanding mentor 😃 I lost 15 kgs under his guidance and mentorship ! He is always available to call and talk and if you want any modifications in diet or workout plan , he would be happy to do it ! He made it easier for me to make my diet my lifestyle and my workout my regular activity ! He keeps on checking the progress as well as the workout videos to make sure I am on right track and He would make no stone unturned if you need his help to get back on track 🙂😋 always thankful to Rishabh for my transformation and lifestyle upgrade 🌸

Mehvish Syed
07 Oct 2023

I’m a person who was completely against “dieting and gyming” but Rishabh motivated me to the best and now I’m a completely different person. A person who never really cared about her eating habits is now conscious about what to eat and what not to. Patiently heard all my rantings that I can’t do this anymore and all cryings. I can’t thank you enough for all the efforts you’ve shown towards me it really means a lot and I will make you proud for sure by flexing my muscles one day 😂. Jokes apart, you really are amazing and loyal to what you do and that’s your best quality. You never gave up on motivating me again and again and stayed there with me throughout this journey. My goal was not to loose much of a weight and to tone it instead and I can feel that toning in my body now along with the strength.