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Neha Mishra
20 Oct 2023

Coach -Rimjhim Tiwari Gender -female Current weight-55 kg Initial weight-69 kg Total weight loss-14 kg Duration-9 months Midway transformation I am so grateful to have a coach like Rimjhim.. She is one of the best person I have met … I am following Fittr from very beginning when it was known as Squatt… but I was just silent follower. I was reading quantified diet and home workout etc but wondering how does it can help people .. and always thought it’s not a cup of my tea… But after my 2nd pregnancy I have gained so much weight which was bothering me a lot coz I have to look after my both kids and I want to be happy and healthy mumma for them… As we have hectic lifestyle and my little one was so young so I thought why not take a chance and enroll under coach. Then after scrolling so many coaches profile I found Rimjhim.. What make her different her knowledge about postpartum health and lifestyle.. And I am saying you all it was my best decision . Although I was not her best client coz I was very inconsistent because some of my personal reasons but she is always here for me. Always ready to listen why I am not able to do it.. And push to make this routine my lifestyle so that I can be happy ,fit and cheerful mother for my kids. Thank you Rimjhim for your support and encouragement it’s really means a lot to me. And thanks to Fittr community to bring this wonderful platform .😊🥰

Shobhana Shakya
19 Oct 2023

Age: 37 Gender: Female Initial Weight: 81 Kg Current Weight: 65 Kg Total Weight Loss to Date: 16 Kg Transformation Duration: 9 Months I'm elated to provide an update on my ongoing transformation. As a working mother of two children,I've had my share of challenges, including dealing with the physical changes that come with pregnancy. I've been a part of the Fittr community since 2019, quietly admiring the incredible transformations that others have achieved. However, I was unsure if this path would work for me, given my doubts about my dedication and my love for food. At times, controlling my cravings felt nearly impossible. I had once enrolled under a coach in the past, but I faltered, and the responsibility for that failure rested squarely on my shoulders due to my inconsistency. During my second pregnancy, as I noticed the weight gain I was experiencing, I made a firm decision that I needed to shed the extra weight to lead a healthier life for myself and my family. I began exploring potential coaches by going through the numerous stories of incredible personal transformations within the Fittr community. It was during this search that I felt a genuine connection, and I instinctively knew that Rimjhim was the mentor I needed for my weight loss journey. Three months after the birth of my second child, I enrolled under Rimjhim. Under her expert guidance, I've made remarkable progress on my weight loss journey, successfully shedding an impressive 16 kilograms. With Rimjhim's unwavering support and guidance, I've reached a point in my journey that once seemed beyond my grasp. She not only provided me with effective workout and nutrition plans but also considered my unique circumstances, ensuring that my progress was both effective and sustainable. My deepest gratitude goes out to the Fittr community and, in particular, to my dear Rimjhim, for being an indispensable part of my transformation ❤️🥰

Bhavana Vejandla
18 Oct 2023

Coach- Rimjhim Tiwari Starting weight: 104 kg Current weight: 85 kg Time taken: 6.5 months Medical conditions: hypothyroidism , postpartum health issues —-My midway transformation—- This is my second pregnancy. Unlike my first pregnancy I had gained lot of weight during my second one. After my delivery I had faced severe pain in my heels( plantar fasciitis) due to which I had trouble walking. I have then decided to enroll with a trainer who was specialized in postpartum, and when I read some of the posts by Rimjhim Tiwari, I have immediately reached out to her and enrolled with her when I was four months postpartum. She is really very knowledgeable, humble, sweet and talented. I was concerned about milk supply but Rimjhim assured that she will not reduce the calorie intake and she has designed the nutrition plan such a way that it didn’t impact my milk supply. I am always on the heavier side since I was a kid, I tried all kinds of diet and nothing worked out. I also enrolled with other fittr coaches and lost weight in the past but I was never this dedicated in following good nutrition and workout. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank my coach Rimjhim in supporting me, following up with me frequently, answering all my questions and being patient with me since last 6.5 months. I wouldn’t have put down this weight and become stronger without your help Rimjhim. Now I feel much lighter, stronger and active than ever. I have enrolled second time with her and looking forward to lose the extra fat and reach my ideal weight. Again, thanks a lot Rimjhim for always being there for me and you are the best coach ever!! ❤️🤗

Madhu Nayak
09 Oct 2023

Starting weight: 70 kg Current weight: 52.9 kg Time taken: 9 months Medical conditions: hypothyroidism, postpartum health issues, fatty liver & Diastasis Recti. This was my first pregnancy which was an amazing journey throughout but post pregnancy I had to undergo a lot of health issues and medical conditions which made me mentally weak. I figured out that I am also suffering from Diastasis Recti which was completely new to my understanding. Since I am a workaholic person, I started neglecting myself and focused more on work...but one fine day when I did my annual health checkup I found that all this have taken a toll on my body..I have invited too many health problems and to top that came to know about DR. I completely broke down and thought I would never be my old self again..I started hesitating taking pictures and lost confidence in me. Then finally I came across Rimjhim, although I was following fittr for a couple of months then.. I went through few posts by Rimjhim and then decided to talk to her. I was really overjoyed after talking to her as she was so humble and made me realize that DR can be healed by strength training, core workouts and quantified diets. I was happy to know that I don't have to go under the knife for DR as the doctor suggested me. I regained my self confidence & followed my coach Rimjhim..She is always there to help and just a phone call away. She is really an expert in her field. After 9 months, here I am with lot more confidence and grace on my face. I have been consistent throughout my weight loss journey and still have to go a long way. Like Rimjhim says.." aap shiddat se karte ho aur aap kar loge".. aur aaj isi shiddat ne mujhe yeh picture lene pe majboor kar diya and meri jo tamanna thi ki main bhi apni transformation journey share kar sakun, woh aaj finally maine likh dala. I would be the happiest person if my transformation journey could inspire even a single person. Thanks Rimjhim for being a real friend & the best coach ever.❤❤