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Dikshita Kashyap
27 May 2023

I'm grateful I found Rimjhim❤️.Started my journey with her postpartum 2months.As a new mom I had many things in my mind but Rimjhim really considered everything and helped me throughout the journey with her.I've been her mentee since April 2022 untill now.She is always available no matter what and that is the most important thing for a mentee😇.I am very happy with my transformation with her.She is the best coach anybody who is looking for help postpartum.Very knowledgeable, kind hearted and a very positive person❤️..thank you for everything Rims🫶

Ruchi Sinha
06 May 2023

Age: 39 years Before weight: 67.7 kg After Weight: 53 kg Dress Size : XL to S Time Taken: 24 weeks Medical conditions: Hypothyroidism Coach: Rimjhim Tiwari Thank you Rimjhim from bottom of my heart for making this transformation possible. I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for all of the time, effort, and guidance you've provided me with as my fitness coach. You are really thoughtful, understanding and knowledgable. Your dedication and expertise have helped me achieve my fitness goals. We had time zone difference but still you made sure our calls are on time. From correcting forms to making sure I am comfortable with my diet plan you tried your best in every possible way to make my transformation journey a piece of cake. You are a good listener and good communicator. You always listened to each and every woe of mine patiently and designed the perfect diet plan and made sure my favorite foods are included. Finally, I wanted to say that you are not just a coach, but also a friend, supporter, accountability partner and lot more. You are the best postpartum weight loss coach❤️

Dr Sabia Aggarwal
01 May 2023

Hii. I started my fitness journey postpartum 5 months after my 2nd c section. Words would be less to describe the change i have gone in 24 weeks. The amazing and best experience and i have found new friend in my coach. Not only she help me get fit but also helped me to achieve a lifestyle which i can work around my life. I have achieved my goal and have got my body back after almost a decade. I will always be grateful to her for showing me light across the path and bringing me back on track whenever i deviated. Thanks a ton Rimjhim for my guiding light in this wonderful journey. Thank you❤️

28 Mar 2023

Hello..I started my 24 weeks fitness journey with rimjhim in the month of September .initially it was tough to follow diet and exercise .. later on got movitated by rimjhim and then she guide me on everything how to follow the diet and exercise and after I followed I can see visible changes on my body Right now I’m mid transformation..hope With her guideline will reach my ideal weight soon Thanks Rimjhim for support..