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Zalak Mehta
01 Jun 2023

From the moment we met with Coach Reshma Trivedi, we knew she understood and heard our concerns for our health. She looks at our overall health and makes educated suggestions on how to improve. She analyzes our nutrition, fitness level, and goals and helps create a plan that suits our lifestyle. I am a short woman and having gut issues like bloating and acidity and it is difficult to lose weight but coach has given experienced suggestions to make the weight loss happen. She has made our journey joyful and most importantly she has given her best suggestions to make a new healthy lifestyle. I would say it requires lot of patience, consistent efforts as well as trust & support in Whatever coach plans as per our Body type. Sticking on to the plan with dedication can lead you to amazing results. I am very excited to continue my journey with coach Reshma and excited to see more transformation.

Kandarp Mehta
29 May 2023

One of the most supportive, forward thinking, thoughtful Coach I have ever worked with. Coach Reshma Trivedi has been a ray of sunshine in our fitness endeavours and we are so very thankful for her knowledge, professionalism and expertise. She is absolutely amazing, supportive and encouraging with a solid understanding of nutrition. I have been working with Coach Reshma Trivedi for 3 months now, and I have lost 9.2 kg (84.5kg to 75.3kg, see below screenshot) so far. I plan to keep going until I get to my goal. Without her unconditional guidance, help and support, this wouldn’t be possible. She has totally changed my entire mindset around nutrition. She has helped me get past roadblocks and helped me in advance in dealing with challenges so that I could stay on track. We highly and enthusiastically recommend working with her. She is so patient with us, checking in regularly and answering a ton of our questions happily. She is very responsive and always has useful information. Thank you so much, Coach Reshma and Fittr!

Bharath kilari
24 May 2023

I have enrolled for 12 week program and lost 9 kilos, through this Journey there wasn’t a single day which passed without she following up on my progress, we usually have a weekly call to discuss about my current weight, measurements and review it make changes to the diet , also she is really good in making appropriate changes to the diet to make you comfortable with what ever food you are eating, Also she keeps on sending stuff like short videos and quotes which will keep you inspired to achieve your goal faster, 100% recommended , great person to work with, All the Best Reshma😊

12 May 2023

If you want a fittest self, hate to work out, love food and wondering if spending money on fitness is necessary then Reshma is the answer to all your doubts. She is the perfect coach to motivate you to eat healthy, slowly move you into a habit of workout that too just like a friend would, specially because she completely customises as per your situation and circumstances, understanding truely the daily hurdles one may face with ofcourse the right blend of strictness which will make u reach your goals. I was always conscious about fitness but after pregnancy, the immense weight gain was difficult to reduce,specially bcz the weight just gets stagnant after a point. And apart from all her good training qualities, I must say that something that attracted me to her.. was that all her clients looked fitter and never dull on the face due to the weight loss, and after training under her, I realized why? Because she calculates just the right amount of calories to keep ur glow and let go off all the extra fat to get fit. At a time when I though after pregnancy I’ll never get back myself, Reshma helped me get my confidence back, in just a period of 3 months. I’m will forever be grateful. Thank you so so much. Wish you all the very best, and thank you for being so patient. She is definitely the best. Thank you again❤️ you are doing a great job! 👏 Lots of Love 💕