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Radhika Balachandran
04 Dec 2023

I am very happy to have Reshma Raju as my coach..Thank you Reshma for your guidance and best diets for me to become in shape again. Being diagnosed with DR issues it was very difficult for me to reduce my abs, but still she has supported me with DR workouts and strength training workouts at home and has done wonders. She made it very easy for me to follow diets , as I am a vegetarian. Though I am in US, she never kept a distance or time barrier for our weekly calls. She is very supportive and her motivation encourages me to feel and look better. She became my life changer. She is absolutely perfect and dedicated to her work. I would highly recommend her for those who are looking for a beautiful life style. Thank you so much Reshma.

Nimesh V
04 Dec 2023

Transformation Post It gives me immense pleasure to write this midway transformation post achieved while working with Reshma Raju. I have been working with Reshma for almost a year, from December 2022 to November 2023. Below are the statistics. Weight - 91.6 kg to 81 kg Measurements Waist - 105 cm 80 cm Hip - 107 cm to 91 cm Chest - 109 cm to 97 cm Quads - 60 cm to 49 cm Arm - 34 cm to 38 cm Apart from the weight loss and the inches lost, She has given excellent feedback on correcting the form. She has suggested methods to improve my breathing, to improve by balancing issues as I have had minor issues of vertigo. During the transformation process, I faced tennis elbow and she also helped me to overcome the same. We used to have weekly calls, she was very accommodating and flexible with her schedule as I was in a different time zone. If again I choose to work with a coach, I wouldn't think twice to choose her again. She is a great coach and an amazing human. I highly recommend her.

21 Nov 2023

I enrolled under Reshma in Nov 2022. I started my journey 17 months after my second delivery. Reshma is extremely supportive, caring and knowledgeable. Plus strict, when she needs to be. I shed a lot of inches and 14kgs during the time. My body aches are gone, moods are better. She understands the situation i am in, and has helped accordingly. The diet chart she made for me was easy to follow because she didnt make me sacrifice most of my favorite food items. As I couldn't go to the gym, she gave me a home workout chart. And she viewed the workout videos i sent and helped me with posture corrections on a daily basis. I just cannot thank her enough for the effort she has put in on helping me with one of the toughest yet most satisfying things I have done for myself. And I cannot recommend her enough for anyone wanting to and is waiting to start this amazing journey of transformation! Thank you for everything Reshma! You are truly a super awesome coach! 😀

Princy Tomsy
13 Nov 2023

I have been enrolled under Reshma Raju’s coaching for last 3 months and couldn’t be happier with the way my body has been responding to the routine she helped me develop. After my third pregnancy, not only did I weigh more than 90’s but also lost my strength and stamina for daily work. I am a working mother and when it comes to handling 3 kids plus job means no time and love for oneself. I kept ignoring my health to such an extent that I could barely carry around my baby (now a toddler) without feeling exhausted. Everything seemed so tedious for me and I was not enjoying it at all. Reshma helped tailor a personalized workout and nutrition plan that allowed me to manage things without affecting my daily routine. I kept loosing grams (sometimes even a kilogram!!) and inches all over my body every single week!!. I slowly started fitting into my older tight clothes. This has given me so much joy! Also, I feel remarkable improvement of strength in my arms now. What seemed a heavy task earlier started feeling lighter. I have never lifted more than 2.5 kgs weight but with her constant guidance and motivation I started using dumbbells weighing 5 kg and now feel stronger and more confident. And all this within only 3 months has amazed my comprehension. One of the most remarkable aspects of working with Reshma is her positive approach, flexibility, and her amazing sense of a humor while sharing critiques that makes you get back to the routine. If you are looking for a fitness coach who is incredibly supportive and dedicated, I wholeheartedly recommend Reshma Raju. She has the passion in what she does, and it does reflect in her work. Thank you, Reshma, for helping me discover myself. This is only the beginning.. picture abhi bahut baaki hai 😉