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05 Apr 2023

I was lucky to have Reshma as my coach in my 12 week journey. She was super supportive and answered all my queries patiently . She also focused on my posture correction and helped me with exercises for my Diastis Rectii. what i would especially like to mention is when I fell sick she altered the diet as per my body needs which focused on quicker recovery. not only do i feel stronger and have more energy , i also have better sleep quality . Reshma has been a very practical coach who has emphasized the importance of sustainable lifestyle. Thank you so much Reshma ..keep inspiring and stay inspired !

Rama Ramesh
29 Mar 2023

Hi I joined Fittr in Jan 2022 under Coach- Reshma Raju . It has been a yr and two months now. What a beautiful journey throughout giving knowledge on health, nutrition and how important it is to workout. I will wholeheartedly give full acredit to my coach Reshma,who has been so considerate, drawing the diet plan and workout plans for me from time to time. I would keep asking her so many questions on the science behind the entire system which she would v patiently explain to me. She made me understand how important is quantified nutrition and resistant training. At any point of time ,I never felt it’s impossible . Though initially I used to worry about my weight not dropping easily, she slowly brought out a change in my thinking that weight is not the only yardstick but there is lot more to it. It’s the total lifestyle change that will bring the total transformation is what she would insist on and made me understand that. Though it has taken a year for me, my weight has not gone down considerably but, I now, I have good muscle mass, great amount of strength, energy and I feel v active through out the day. My body has toned down well and the best thing is I have become addicted to workout and I enjoy the diet plan charted for me. This is the transformation one should aim for and not only the weight reduction. Only such a lifestyle change is sustainable is what I learnt from Reshma Raju from time to time . She is amazing, always ready to help you, answer your queries and motivate you and inspire you. I have travelled quite a few times in this one yr of my Fittr journey and now,participating in TC 18. but Reshma saw to that I don’t deviate in any way in my Fittr journey. My sincere thanks to Mr. Jitendra Choksey for giving this wonderful platform and to Reshma for being a wonderful coach.

Deepthi Menon
22 Dec 2022

Hi all, I completed my 15 weeks training from Fittr with Reshma as my coach. At this point, I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the support and understanding she has offered throughout the program. She has been a great support and a practical coach. Now, I have a different viewpoint to fitness than the one which I started the program with. As she says it’s a team work to which I completely agree, but would like to admit that great work happens when we have good and supportive team members. Thanks again Reshma. Will stay in touch for sure.

Amitha Balakrishnan Sushil
21 Dec 2022

Hello all I am in the middle of my transformation. 3 months completed and I've already satrted enjoying certain benefits like body flexibility, better sleep quality, improved bowel movements etc. Lost some weight too. Still a long way to go. I've been a silent member here watching all transformations and getting exited. Next step was to find a mentor and fitness coach Reshma Raju and the transformations under her caught my attention. immediately enrolled under her and started my journey. She's a great listener first of all and the most important thing is that i don't feel that i am under a strict diet or anything. I am so happy to eat my normal food and at the same time lose weight and getting toned at the same time 🤩. She corrects all the strength training postures perfectly 👍. I know I am on the right track with the right person. IThanks a lot to Reshma Raju. I am happy I've enrolled with her for the next 6 months . Together we shall achieve the impossible 🤩🤩