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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
Personal Training & Nutrition
Pre & Post Natal Training
Subin Park
07 Mar 2024

I’ve been working with Renu for a month and a half. My goal was to get stronger, and Renu was the perfect coach to help me achieve it. Within one month, I already started noticing that I've gotten a lot stronger. There are many things I like about Renu - she's motivational and encouraging. She pushes me and encourages me to believe that I can do it and helps lift my mental block. Renu also mixes in different exercises. I can get bored easily, but Renu keeps mixing exercises, making the workout fun and interesting. Renu is also reliable and accommodating of time changes. I travel for work and life a lot, so I really appreciate Renu's flexibility, which allows me to continue working out and maintain my routine. All in all, Renu's a lovely lady. She proactively asks for feedback and if I'm enjoying the workout. She takes care of her clients, and it shows with her pride in her coaching. I'm looking forward to continuing working out and getting stronger with Renu. Thanks, Renu!

Premma Chandraashekhar
15 Feb 2023

What wakes you up from bed every morning? For me, it’s been a sea change I have witnessed, where I have moved from pure lethargy to day long movement. Renu has made me effortlessly love Strength and Yoga together, pointing out how one helps the other. She understands when you say no and switches over to something else that’s working out the same muscle group. I feel different. After her sessions, I am ready to face whatever the day may bring. Only love and blessings to you, Renu.

Krishna S
12 Feb 2023

I've been running almost everyday for over a decade but had never ever done any strength training until June of last year. At that time, my wife had been Renu Gupta's mentee for a few months and highly recommended Renu given the positive changes she was seeing in herself. My wife convinced me to give strength training under Renu's guidance a try. When I first started, I struggled to do shoulder press with 8 lb dumbbells. I could not lift the bar. I struggled to do even 5 push ups. The only exercises I could do well were ones that used my leg muscles (e.g. squats). It has been several months now and I am extremely glad and thankful to my wife for pushing me to sign up, and to Renu Gupta for being an excellent coach. There are so many ways in which Renu's coaching has significantly improved my health and well being. My upper body strength has significantly increased. For example, I am able to easily lift the bar and do deadlifts with more than 100 pound weights on the bar. I am also able to do push ups easily. A personal highlight is being able to easily lift and carry my 8 year old son. I was unable to lift him 2 years ago when he was 6 years old and a lot lighter. My posture has significantly improved and I am able to sit straight at my desk for hours without slouching. Strength training has also improved my running, my running form has improved and I do not feel tired after running like I used to in the past. What I really like and appreciate about Renu as a coach is that she personalizes the plan to slowly and consistently build up my strength over time. She also introduces exercises to strengthen specific muscles that are weak and ensures that I am developing strength holistically. I feel great at the end of every training session and strength training has now become a MUST DO on a daily basis. I could not have imagined this a year ago when I was reluctant to even try it. Thank you Renu for being an excellent coach!