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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
Comprehensive Plan
Pre & Post Natal Training
srav L
10 Jun 2024

I have been training with Renu for the past one month and the experience has been phenomenal. I started training with some back injuries which I have been dealing with for a few years now and very scared to start but she put me to ease right away and listened to all my concerns and planned my workouts so they not only strengthen but also build muscle . It’s a good feeling to be heard and she made me feel safe and to trust the process. Long journey to come … thanks Renu !!

Lakshika Sachdev
18 Mar 2024

I’ve been training with Renu for 3 months and I see significant changes. I have been on weight loss journeys before and lost more weight in 3 months than I had with Renu but I lost strength and stamina. But this time it was different, I am gaining strength, building stamina, eating right and working out better so Im glad, I had Renu as a mentor! Highly recommend her for her knowledge and variety of workout. For people who need a push, she’s your go-to!! Thank you, Renu, for your coaching and I look forward to working out with you soon! 💕

Mugdha Patil
12 Feb 2024

I have been training with coach Renu for over 3 months now. She is always available to answer my questions and modifies diet according to my preferences. She really helped me improving my form in all the exercises , making sure it is done correctly. She introduces different variations of exercises even when I am working out from home. Looking forward to having more such fun and challenging exercises to get fittr!!

Anita Chimnani
19 Oct 2023

Renu has been an absolute game-changer in my fitness journey post-delivery. Her online coaching is nothing short of exceptional. From tailored workout plans to personalized nutrition guidance, Renu's expertise shines through. Her unwavering support and encouragement motivated me every step of the way, helping me surpass my post-baby fitness goals. With Renu's guidance, I have regained my pre-pregnancy strength and still going strong. Her dedication to her clients is evident, making her not just a coach but a true fitness ally. I highly recommend Renu to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, supportive, and results-driven online coach. She is, without a doubt, the key to unlocking your fitness success.