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Strength and Conditioning
FITTR kids
Rusha Banerjee
20 Jan 2024

Ravi is a very knowledgable trainer. He is very punctual which is a trait hard to find these days. I started my journey with Ravi in August and it was one of the best decisions I have taken. He is encouraging and ensures that we deliver to our full potential. Hoping for a continued fitness journey with Ravi. Thanks for not only being a trainer but also a guide.

Harshit Jain
21 Mar 2023

I got the training session for my sister. Below is her feedback, 1. Ravi is punctual, consistent and flexible to accommodate session time as per my needs. 2. He also gives inputs on how I can go to the next level and encourage me to lift heavy. 3. He is open to take feedback and request for example he started noting down the weights in each set for each exercise on each day when I asked for it for my personal tracking. I look for 4 qualities in my trainer - consistent, knowledgeable, someone who understands the request and is flexible and someone who also puts his efforts to go to the last mile. He checks all these boxes for me. Hence I have renewed my membership for another month.

05 Mar 2023

Ravi is great personal trainer. I have been training under him for past 14 months and he challenges me to achieve my full potential. He is very particular that my form is right and he rotates the excersie so that I am not sore. Ravi is very flexible in schedule. He goes out of way to ensure that I have five classes in week. He will work around weekends, very early mornings or in evening to ensure that I don’t miss any class. He also is a keen observer, on his phone he is able to notice if my safety clams are not on the barbell. He deserves 10 out of 5 star rating.

Yash Sawajraj
02 Mar 2023

Great Coach Ravi sir!!! motivates me to complete those last few reps. Ravi sir has changed ma life after 6 years of major injury I has depressed not able to workout.Sir gave me confidence and motivated me to Hit my max weights.knowledgeable on how to target each muscle group.His experience and knowledge makes great combination.Highly recommended singing up to his strength and conditioning session.Thank you to fitter for becoming a media to get connect with Great person.